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September Photos of the Month

Take a look at what's been going on around campus this September!

SUMMARY: University Photography brings you a selection of photos from the September archive.

Students smiling, lining up dominoes.
An industrial design class has students work together to create a Rube Goldberg machine.
Two students sitting on the Quad playing guitars.
Students playing guitar together enjoying a sunny morning on the Quad. 
Two girls smiling outside of an outdoor farmers market holding flowers and potted plants
The weekly Farmers Market is a great way to purchase fresh and local goods.
Two students talking outdoors at an informational booth.
Student Org Night helps students connect with over 300+ clubs and organizations at JMU.
a student concentrating on using a drill in a wood shop class
A student getting hands-on skills in a woodshop class.  
a mountainbiker riding down a trail at hillandale park
UREC welcomes beginner, intermediate and advanced riders to enjoy some trails on Mountain Bike Mondays.
a group of students gathered around a book on a sunny day.
Students identifying species of butterflies in JMU's Edith J. Carrier Arboretum for their global biodiversity class. 
a shovel on top of torn down brick in a room being renovated
Alumnae Hall mid-progress in its renovation. 
Lego Duke Dog holding a red fall leaf
Lego Duke Dog is excited that fall is here.
Students gathered outside of Wilson holding a
Students and community members gathered outside of Wilson Hall to march and speak about current national political policies.
Students out on the quad marking spots on the ground with small flags
An archaeology class working together to map out their areas on the Quad. 
students running and laughing in a field on a sunny day
Valley Scholars starting their year out having fun playing team building games at a pizza luncheon. 
people cheering in the stands at a football game throwing streamers
JMU spirit was strong during Family Weekend as the Dukes scored the first touchdown of the game.  
students painting wall in Center for Global Engagement
Students, with the guidance of artist Claudia Bernardi, collaborated to create a bright, bold and meaningful mural to grace the wall of the new Center for Global Engagement in Madison Hall. 
Three students wearing goggles at a lab table, smiling, while studying liquids
Students in a chemistry class working together during an open lab. 
people gathered around outside at a JMU pop up tent and table
International Week kicked off on a gorgeous afternoon filled with activities and foods from around the globe at the I-Week International Bazaar.
Students sitting in a lounge smiling and laughing.
Students and faculty competed for prizes during I-Week Trivia Night. 
a student standing in front of a group of peers, talking about artwork on the wall.
Photographs from all over the world were on display as the photographers and students gathered to celebrate art and culture at the I-Week Photography Contest.
Nate Marshall reading poetry at the Golden Pony
Renowned poet Nate Marshall shared his works with students and community members during a poetry reading presented by the Furious Flower Poetry Center. 
Girl doing a yoga pose at sunset on high knob tower overlooking a beautiful view of the mountains.
Sunset yoga at High Knob Tower is just one of many ways students bid September farewell and welcome in October. 

Published: Monday, October 2, 2017

Last Updated: Monday, February 19, 2018

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