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Engineering diversity on display

Projects range from energy to child safety

by Eric Gorton

virtual reality presentation

SUMMARY: The engineering department held its annual symposium on Saturday, April 22.

In photo above, Nahom Fissaha, a junior, discusses his team's project to develop a virtual reality environment for training students how to use shop equipment, such as a lathe, in JMU's maker space. The project was one of 15 junior projects on display Saturday, April 23 at the annual Madison Engineering xChange symposium. The event also featured reports on 14 senior projects; two honors projects; the sophomore human-powered vehicle projects; and freshmen projects.

Big crowd in auditorium listens to presentation

Presenters in Room 2301 of the EnGeo Building spoke to a standing-room only crowd.

students discuss vdot wall project while showing slide on screen.

This project will help the Virginia Department of Transportation extend the life of sound walls by providing recommendations to improve quality control management, testing procedures and material selection during construction and installation.

the screen shows a sea turtle while students discuss project

Students discuss creating a desalination system for Chumbe Island Coral Park off the coast of Zanzibar. Most freshwater on the island comes from catching rainwater. The community has requested a desalination system that uses renewable energy to provide potable water while having no impact on the surrounding coral preservation area.

Student discusses poster with a visitor

Michael Heller, a senior, discusses a low speed wind energy project. The team has designed and constructed a wind turbine capable of converting low-speed wind, 5-15 mph breezes, into usable energy to charge small electronic devices for recreational use.

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Published: Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Last Updated: Monday, May 22, 2017

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