JMU Welcomes New Faculty


James Madison University welcomes over 100 new faculty members for the 2010-2011 school year. Seventy-five full-time and 28 part-time faculty joined JMU's dedicated core of teaching professionals. 

Interim Provost and Senior Vice President Jerry Benson said, " Once again we are fortunate to have such a highly qualified group of new faculty joining us. These are individuals truly committed to the culture and values of our institution and dedicated to advancing our efforts in achieving our mission and vision." 

The Office of the Provost and the Center for Faculty Innovation held new faculty orientation Monday, Aug. 23. New faculty attended sessions on the academic and student culture, CFI's resources for faculty and employee benefits. The day ended with a tour of the East Campus Library and the annual faculty/staff picnic. 

Jo-Anne Van der Vat-Chromy, a new assistant professor of music, said about JMU, "I feel extremely lucky that I'm here. This is an exciting place to be." 

Benson said, "We welcome our new faculty to the university community and eagerly look forward to their impact on our community." 

College of Arts and Letters
Pia Antolic-Piper, Philosophy and Religion
Olaoba Arasanyin, Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication
Janell Bauer, Communication Studies
Lori Britt, Communication Studies
Bidyut Chakrabarty, Gandhi Center
Amanda Jimeen Cleveland, Political Science
Chris Colocousis, Sociology and Anthropology
Jayne Cubbage, Media Arts and Design
Christian Stuart Davis, History 
Peggy Dillard, History
Lilian P. Feitosa, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Samar Fitzgerald, English
Timothy Jude Fitzgerald Jr., History 
Robert Glover, Justice Studies
Polly Good, History 
Hilary Holladay, English
John Hulsey, Political Science 
Michael Kolakoski, English
Timothy Michael LaPira, Political Science
Diana Meza, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Esther Moreno, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures 
Nona Moskowitz, Sociology and Anthropology
Keith Richards, Communication Studies
Drew Richardson, Justice Studies
Jennifer Rosier, Communication Studies
Omar Shaukat, Philosophy and Religion
Yvette Shen, Media Arts and Design
Kevin Smith, Media Arts and Design
Clare Terni, Sociology and Anthropology
John Verburg, Sociology and Anthropology
Emily M. Westkaemper, History 
Andrew Witmer, History
John Wright, Media Arts and Design 

College of Business
Vipul Bhatt, Economics
Jadeep Chowdhury, Finance and Business Law
Chengqi Guo, Computer Information Systems and Management Science
James Jewett, Computer Information Systems and Management Science
Susan Murphy, School of Strategic Leadership Studies
Kristin Urbach, Finance and Business Law 

College of Education
Diane Aughtman, Military Science
Donald Ford, Learning, Technology and Leadership Education
Anthony Gibson, Military Science
Anne-Marie Harrison, Military Science
Martha Reish, Early, Elementary and Reading Education
Daniel Riesenberger, Military Science
Lisa Schick, Learning, Technology and Leadership Education 

College of Integrated Science and Technology
Stephanie Baller, Health Sciences
Deborah Bandalos, Graduate Psychology
Ann Bowman, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Magen Brock, Kinesiology
Sarah Carson, Kinesiology
Christopher Clinard, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Jeff Dyche, Psychology
Andrew Fink, Kinesiology
Stephen Flack, Sport and Recreation Management
Miranda Kitterlin, Sport and Recreation Management 
Andrea Knopp, Nursing
Jaime Kurtz, Psychology
Donna Mallory, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Neil Marrin, Sport and Recreation Management 
Eric Maslen, Integrated Science and Technology
Taricia Pippert, Sport and Recreation Management 
Sharon Simmons, Computer Science
Stephanie Stockwell, Integrated Science and Technology 

College of Science and Mathematics
L. Banu, Physics and Astronomy
Lorrie Coiner, Geology and Environmental Science 
Costel Constantin, Physics and Astronomy
Klebert Feitosa, Physics and Astronomy
Debra Hall, Mathematics and Statistics
Daniel Havey, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Christine Hughey, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Brant Jones, Mathematics and Statistics
Christopher Kaznosky, Geology and Environmental Science 
Justin Kimmel , Mathematics and Statistics
Patrice Ludiwg, Biology
Jennifer M�ngan, Geology and Environmental Science 
Kathleen McCoy, Biology
Minah Oh, Mathematics and Statistics
Katie Quertermous, Mathematics and Statistics
Crystal Scott-Whitlow, Biology 
Shanil Virani, Physics and Astronomy 

College of Visual and the Performing Arts
Aderonke Adesanya, Art and Art History
Danielle Antol, Art and Art History
Katherine Axtell, Music
Regan Byrne, Visual and Performing Arts, Dean's Office
Thomas Carr, Music
Marc Elysee, Music
Robert Hallahan, Music
Clare Kiley, Theatre and Dance
Theodore Lehman, Art and Art History
Aaron McIntosh, Art and Art History
Robert Musser, Art and Art History
Kathleen Overfield-Zook, Music
Laura Purvis, Art and Art History
David Stringham, Music
Jo-Anne Van der Vat-Chromy, Music
Ronald (Jamie) Whoolery, Visual and Performing Arts, Dean's Office 

Cross-Disciplinary Programs
Robert Nagel, School of Engineering
Adebayo Ogundipe, School of Engineering 

Academic Affairs 
Nisa Bakkalbasi, Libraries and Educational Technology 
Jamie Calcagno-Roach, Libraries and Educational Technology 
Jonathan Paulo, Libraries and Educational Technology
Allison Paigen Normand, Learning Resource Center

Published: Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last Updated: Monday, November 13, 2017

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