JMU Demining Center Works with Jordanian Officials


AMMAN, Jordan—Issues of awareness and services for victims of exploding land mines were discussed here Monday, Nov. 2, by representatives from JMU and Jordan.

The JMU delegation met with Jordanian Prince Raad Ben Zaid, president of the Higher Council for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities, and his son, Prince Mired R. Z. Al-Hussein, vice president of the same organization and Chairman of the National Committee for Demining & Rehabilitation.

JMU was represented by John Noftsinger, vice provost for research and public service, retired Col. Dennis Barlow, director of the Mine Action Information Center, and members of Barlow's staff. The discussions included leaders of organizations from countries where land mine recovery and victim services are needed.

While victim services such as rehabilitation and amputation workshops have increased, land mine victims are still not seeing the extent of services they had expected, Mired said. Although Jordan has been a leader in mine action, Mired said Jordan and other mine-affected countries are still challenged with providing meaningful and comprehensive services to victims.

The process of clearing land mines and providing services is lengthy and requires hard work, Mired said. "Step by step, you reach the goal," he said.

For the past four weeks, JMU—in conjunction with the NCDR—has been conducting a course for leaders of such organizations. The course is funded by the U.S. Department of State's Office of Weapons, Removal and AbatementJMU College of Business faculty have been leading strategic management and leadership principles workshops as well as application exercises. Participants have also heard from NCDR-sponsored speakers and have toured some of Jordan's victim services locations.

Barlow continued meetings this week with Jordanian officials and the U.S. State Department to discuss plans for 2010 programs in Jordan that will increase services for land mine victims. Plans include more management and leadership training for leaders of organizations in countries that are mine affected and a therapy tour for victims. Noftsinger and Barlow toured some of the locations identified for next year's planned therapy tour.

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Published: Monday, November 9, 2009

Last Updated: Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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