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Prospective Members

The Marching Royal Dukes is open to all JMU students. All incoming JMU students will receive an invitation to join the band in May. This will be e-mailed to your JMU address and will include a link to our online registration form.  If you do not hear from the band office, please feel free to contact us or send an Email.

To request information, please contact the band office at (540) 568-6656 or

Basic Membership Information


Percussion and Color Guard:  To be considered for the MRD Drumline, Front Ensemble, or Color Guard you must attend uditions on SATURDAY, June 27, 2015. Once we are aware of your interest in performing as a percussion or color guard member, further information about the auditions will follow, as well as be available on our website. Upon successful completion of the audition, you will receive your invitation to participate in our pre-season band camp.

  • GUARD AND PERCUSSION - CLICK HERE - for the MRD Guard & Percussion Audition Information.

Winds: Auditions for marching spots are held during band camp and are based on the music and marching fundamentals you will learn for the first show. Season music will be sent to all prospective members during the summer.


The JMU Bands will pick up the tab for almost all costs of being a member, including your meals and residence hall expenses during our required pre-season band camp, season travel, and performance day food and drinks. The only required payment for members is to purchase supplies for your uniform and equipment: marching shoes, white gloves, a MRD baseball cap, band T-shirt, warm-up gear. Each section of the band will have certain items that you will need to purchase (such as drum sticks, mouthpieces, and reeds).


MRD CAMP begins on Sunday, August 23, 2015. All MRDs living in JMU housing will be able to move into their assigned dorm room for the year. During this week, we will have music and marching rehearsals, audition for marching spots (winds), and put together our first halftime show and Pre Game. When school begins, you will already be in your residence hall room and ready to start the school year. Camp details will be sent to all prospective members during the summer, and can also be located on the MRD website. You may find more information about the details and process by visiting the MRD Band Camp page.


Click here for information about our rehearsal times for this semester.


We march approximately 450 members. This includes approximately 315 brass and woodwinds, 45 percussion, 60 flags, 20 dance team members, 4/5 drum majors and electric bass players. Based on instrumentation and the auditions during band camp, winds will either be assigned a marching position or an alternate position. We usually carry 20-30 alternates. Alternates are considered a member of the Marching Royal Dukes. They perform in all pre-game shows and play a big part in the success of our program.

Joining the Band


After you have received your acceptance to the university and you have returned your residence hall room deposit, you will receive an invitation in May, along with information about how to join. All registration information is located on our website (see links below). After submitting your reservation form online, you will receive emails and updates from the band office. A summer mailing will be sent in July/August and will include details about our pre-season band camp, season music, and other important detail about the 2015 season. As stated earlier, color guard and percussion members will receive an invitation to band camp after successful completion of the audition in June.

  • ALL MEMBERS MUST BE REGISTERED FOR MUAP 237-Section 001 - Freshmen and Transfer students can sign up during your summer springboard orientation session.
  • If you are attending BLUE RIDGE COMMUNITY COLLEGE and wish to sign up for the class, please visit our TRANSFER/BRCC page for more informaiton (see below).