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Amazing megamasers: JMU researcher pursuing 'holy grail of astronomy'

2013 Anca Constantin Research

Scientists are on the verge of unlocking answers to two of astronomy's biggest questions and a JMU researcher is right in the middle of it.
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Professor to put rational thinking to the test

Rational thinking test

When asked a simple word problem involving the costs of a bat and a ball, most people come up with the wrong answer. JMU's Dr. Richard West is researching why rational thinking often proves elusive.
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2013 Virginia Center for Wind Energy update
A little more than two hours west of Harrisonburg, on the mountain ridges of Greenbrier County, W. Va., wind turbines are churning out enough electricity to power about 30,000 homes a year

JMU Outreach program gives high school students taste of college work
Getting to school early to count cars, and then staying after school to do the same thing may sound like an odd way to prepare for college

Alaskan landscape shaped by volcano inspires professors' collaboration
Gary Freeburg's photographs of the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes are awe-inspiring, but understanding the surreal setting created by one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history requires a trip there

Researchers study effects of caffeine on cyclists' performance
Amid the flurry of accusations of doping in professional cycling, it turns out there's a perfectly legal performance-enhancing drug

Destination Imagination Teams Win Silver
A pair of Destination Imagination teams from James Madison University placed second at the annual DI Globals competition in Knoxville, Tenn., and a third JMU team finished fourth.

SUMS Conference Attracts Nearly 40 Undergraduate Mathematicians
Nearly 40 students from JMU and around the country presented talks and posters at this year's Shenandoah Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics (SUMS) Conference at JMU.

Hard Work Rewarded At Geological Society Meeting
They spent three weeks of their summer along the shores of Lake Huron in Michigan, but the time was anything but a vacation.

Eight JMU Students Participate In CAA Research Conference
Eight JMU students participated in the seventh annual Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Research Conference April 4-5 at Towson University in Towson, Md.

Observatory Exposes JMU Astronomers to What They Can't See
What do we already know about our galaxy? The 26 JMU students who traveled to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, W.Va., Oct. 2-4 blurted out ideas, most of which are widely accepted by the astronomic community.

JMU Seniors Present Research at National Geology Conference
Elizabeth Weisbrot and Holly Polivka felt a bit out of place surrounded by more than 4,000 working geologists.

JMU Student Participates in UN Climate Change Conference
How much does global warming effect your life? For one James Madison University student this question took her all the way to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Student's Study Reveals Time Management Struggles Produce Stress
Stress in college and time management go hand in hand, according to a recent study by a JMU senior. Jacqueline Britz, an anthropology major who is in the pre-med concentration, surveyed a 2008 class of freshmen to determine their causes, and symptoms, of stress.

JMU Well-Represented at Undergraduate Research Conferences
The Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Research Conference,included presentations from nine JMU students while the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research, featured 13 JMU presenters.

Paper's Authors Include JMU Students Who Did Research as Freshmen
While many students spend their first few semesters as undergraduates building a foundation for writing that big research paper, freshmen enrolled in the Viral Discovery Course at James Madison University are one step ahead.

May Graduate Gets State Department Scholarship to Study in China
New JMU graduate Patrick Rostock isn't sure what kind of job he will get with his foreign language skills, but those skills are taking him places even before he finds a job.

Undergraduate Mathematics Conference Receives High Marks
Students from as far away as the University of Southern California, the University of Utah, and the University of Nevada traveled to the third annual Shenandoah Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics (SUMS) Conference at JMU.

Student Research Leads to Chance Discovery
Getting gold film to adhere to plastics is a tricky task. Finding a sure-fire, low-cost way to accomplish it would be a real breakthrough for a number of industries from biomedicine to computer chip manufacturers.

Foam for Thought: There's Lots to be Learned From Those Suds
You probably see it every day. You create it whenever you use soap, it readily appears on top of carbonated beverages when they're poured or shaken and it forms on the beach as waves pound the shore.

Cutting Edge Heating System Tested at Rockingham Farm
A Rockingham County farm could be heating a greenhouse and getting an environmentally friendly fertilizer supplement from the same system by early 2012.

Engineering Students Take a Plunge Into . . . Biology
How many picoliters of fluid are required to synthesize a section of DNA? That's not exactly the type of question five engineering majors expected to encounter when they began their studies four years ago.

CAA: It's (Much) More Than An Athletic League
JMU hosts fourth annual Colonial Undergraduate Research Conference.

National Undergrad Conference
Young researchers share their projects at national conference.

Hydrology Poster Wins for Undergraduates
Poster winners credit an early start in field research.

Baird Center inspires JMU students
The Intersection of Practice and Research. JMU Students Work in Local Schools to Research ADHD.

Chemistry Major Schwantes Shines at International Conference
Christian Schwantes was not expecting to receive an award at the International Society for Chemical Ecology Conference in Neuchatel, Switzerland this summer.

Undergraduate Research Conferences
JMU Also Represented at Colonial Research Conference Study of Lake Shenandoah Presented at Undergraduate Conference