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Madison Scholarly News - 2012

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Year Month Type Name Description month
2012 October Grant Akerson Hubbell

Emily K. Akerson (Associate Director, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) and Jane Hubbell (Associate Director, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) received $8,250 from the Shenandoah County Department of Social Services for "Healthy Families Shenandoah County-Quality Childcare Initiative-Fiscal Year 2013" to meet the needs of at-risk families in Shenandoah County by providing education, resources and support.

2012 October Grant Brewster

Dr. Jo Anne Brewster (Professor, Psychology) received $3,300 from the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology to perform administrative tasks for the Society.

2012 October Grant Fleming

Carol A. Fleming (Director, Outreach and Engagement) received $47,539 from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia for "Return to Madison" to identify students that have previously enrolled at JMU and reach out and help them create a pathway back to degree completion and career goal attainment.

2012 October Grant Harned Newbold

Alleyn S. Harned (Program Coordinator, Virginia Clean Cities)and Kenneth F. Newbold (Director, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research)received $63,892 from the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy for "Richmond Electric Vehicle Initiative Clean Cities Community Readiness and Planning for EV & EVSE" to advance the Richmond region as an attractive and sustainable market for electric vehicle technology.

2012 October Grant Hartzler-Weakley

Kimberlee Hartzler-Weakley (Administrator, Institute for Health and Human Services) received $458,032 from the Administration on Children, Youth and Families for "JMUPREP 2012" to emphasize both abstinence and contraception and address the adulthood subjects of healthy relationships, parent-child communication, educational and career success, healthy life skills and adolescent development in order to significantly reduce the number of teen pregnancies in Harrisonburg and Rockingham and Page counties.

2012 October Grant Henderson Hickey

Cheryl L. Henderson (Co-Director, Training/Technical Assistance Center) and Linda R. Hickey (Coordinator, Training/Technical Assistance Center) received $26,873 from the Virginia Department of Education for "2012 Summer Mathematics Institute" to provide summer mathematics institutes for special education teachers K-8 and Algebra 1.

2012 October Grant Kolvoord

Dr. Robert A. Kolvoord (Interim Dean, College of Integrated Science and Engineering; Professor, Integrated Science and Technology) received $31,893 from Temple University for "Assessing Student Spatial Thinking Skills through Classroom Video and Observation: Year Two" to design and execute a classroom-based study of student spatial thinking.

2012 October Grant Krech

Joyce H. Krech (Director, Small Business Development Center) received $1,250 from the City of Lexington to support the Small Business Development Center.

2012 October Grant Miles

Dr. Jonathan J. Miles (Professor, Integrated Science and Technology) received $42,000 from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to support the offshore wind Jobs and Economic Development Impacts analysis for the southeast.

2012 October Grant Race Hubbell

Gary S. Race (Fiscal Technician, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) and Jane Hubbell (Associate Director, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) received $10,000 from the Virginia Department of Health for "HIV Consortium for Northwest Region 2012-2013" to assure the provision of comprehensive, essential health and support services for individuals and families with HIV infection.

2012 October Grant Rout

Dr. Ayasakanta Rout (Associate Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders) received $12,000 from the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind to assign a JMU graduate student from the audiology program to the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind as an aural (re)habilitation graduate assistant by the JMU Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

2012 October Grant Rutherford

Dr. Kenneth R. Rutherford (Director, Center for International Stabilization and Recovery; Professor, Political Science) received $15,000 from the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining for "Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining Accident Surveillance System" to provide a comprehensive picture of the operation of the mine victim information systems in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Colombia.

2012 October Grant Simmons

William L. Simmons (Sergeant, Public Safety/Police) received $500 from Wal-mart for "First Aid Kits for the JMU Police Department" to purchase more kits and replenish the supplies most frequently used by officers.

2012 October Grant St. John

Dr. Kristen E. St. John (Professor, Geology and Environmental Science) received $6,000 from the National Association of Geoscience Teachers to provide editor-in-chief services for three volumes of the Journal of Geoscience Education.

2012 October Grant Stoops

E. David Stoops (Educational Technology Consultant, Center for Instructional Technology) received $2,500 from the Virginia Department of Historic Resources for "Virginia Department of Historic Resources Web Work" to support a JMU student who will be assisting the Department of Historic Resources with enhancements to its website.

2012 October Grant Swayne

Nick D. Swayne (Interim Director, Education Support Center; Coordinator for External Relations Instructor of Learning, Technology and Leadership Education) received $8,000 from Virginia city and county donors for "Robotics STEM Project" to provide sponsorship of robotics teams.

2012 October Publication Stringham

Dr. David A. Stringham (Assistant Professor, Music) co-authored, "A multi-phase examination of 'Advanced Measures of Music Audiation' at three American music schools," which was published in The GIML Audea, a quarterly publication sponsored by the Gordon Institute for Music Learning (volume 16, issue 2, pp. 9-17).

2012 October Service Stewart

Dr. Anne Stewart (Professor, Psychology) was elected foundation chair by the Association for Play Therapy during its Oct. 9-14 conference in Cleveland. Stewart will direct efforts by the APT Foundation board to generate charitable, tax-exempt contributions to promote play therapy public awareness and evidentiary research programs.

2012 October Grant Linn Bright Henderson Dr. Reid J. Linn (Dean, Graduate School), Melinda B. Bright (Co-Director, Training/Technical Assistance Center) and Cheryl L. Henderson (Co-Director, Training/Technical Assistance Center) received two grants from the Virginia Department of Education, $1,238,171 to continue to assess needs and services provided to consumers in Region 5 following each consultation and training event provided by the Training/Technical Assistance Center’s staff and $247,135 to support statewide efforts and activities designed to enhance service effectiveness for personnel in superintendents’ region 5 who serve children and youth with disabilities. 10
2012 October Grant Pyle Dr. Eric J. Pyle (Professor, Geology and Environmental Science) received $13,629 from the U.S. Department of Education for "Virginia Initiative for Science Teaching and Achievement, Fiscal Year 3" to coordinate STEM coursework offered and to develop, deploy and communicate results of STEM secondary content course and elementary institute science concept needs assessments among the teachers participating in the project. 10