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Madison Scholarly News - 2009

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Year Month Type Name Description month
2009 October Grant Akerson Emily K. Akerson (Associate Director, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) received $9,210 from Valley Program for Aging Services Inc. to provide educational and administrative services. 10
2009 October Grant Barlow Dennis C. Barlow (Director, Center for International Stability and Recovery) received $27,939 from the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining to provide the global mine action community with easy access to the current international mine action standards, technical notes on recommended procedures and potential standards updates, and information on the development of National Mine Action Standards. 10
2009 October Grant Cushman Enedy Dr. Pauline K. Cushman (Interim Head and Professor, Integrated Science and Technology and Computer Science) and Dr. Joseph D. Enedy (Professor Emeritus, Geographic Science) received $4,850 from the Virginia Geographic Alliance to support the coordinators' responsibilities associated with producing newsletters, traveling for alliance business at agencies and offices and alliance meetings. 10
2009 October Grant Daniel Dr. David B. Daniel (Associate Professor, Psychology) received $3,400 from the International Mind, Brain and Education Society to contribute to the funding and growth of IMBES and the creation of a journal, Mind, Brain, Education. 10
2009 October Grant Daughtrey Hugh T. Daughtrey (Lecturer, Computer Science) received $76,669 from the National Science Foundation to expand the use of the "Reacting to the Past" pedagogy to teach undergraduate science courses. 10
2009 October Grant Dudding Dr. Carol C. Dudding (Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders) received $375,000 from the Virginia Department of Education to provide an American Speech Language Hearing Association accredited master's degree program in communication sciences and disorders. 10
2009 October Grant Hubbell Jane Hubbell (Associate Director, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) received $32,388 from the Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services to provide service coordination and special instruction services in the Infant and Toddler Connection of Shenandoah Valley. 10
2009 October Grant Kander Dr. Ronald G. Kander (Director and Professor, Engineering) received $2,500 from the National Academy of Engineering to hold a series of workshops on campus for faculty members from the School of Engineering and partnering academic units. 10
2009 October Grant Kolvoord Dr. Robert A. Kolvoord (Professor, Integrated Science and Technology) received $499,818 from the National Science Foundation to develop and implement a research design for monitoring science, technology, engineering and mathematics implementation among the four partners and to design and conduct an impact evaluation plan to collect data, track progress and evaluate student outcomes. Kolvoord received $6,000 from The Scripps Research Institute to do a pilot study assessing the impact of the extensive use of geographical information systems by students in the geospatial semester. 10
2009 October Grant Kraenzle Nash Dr. Helmut Kraenzle (Professor, Integrated Science and Technology) and Dr. Carole L. Nash (Instructor, Integrated Science and Technology) received $25,000 from Shenandoah National Park to accomplish cultural resource work in Shenandoah National Park and provide valuable experience for JMU students. 10
2009 October Grant Lamb Susan F. Lamb (Business Manager, WMRA-FM) received $158,369 from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to provide a community service grant for public radio. 10
2009 October Grant Lawler Richard R. Lawler (Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology) received $133,638 from the National Science Foundation to determine how life history traits are influenced by genetic, sex-specific and ecological factors in a species with a slow life history schedule, which of these life history traits are currently under selection, find patterns of phenotypic variation/covariation in these life history traits, and determine patterns of additive genetic, environmental, maternal and cohort variation/covariation in these life history traits. 10
2009 October Grant McKown Dr. Robert L. McKown (Professor, Integrated Science and Technology) received $50,909 from the National Institutes of Health to optimize lacritin's cyroprotective activity and understand its mechanism of action. 10
2009 October Grant Race Gary S. Race (Fiscal Technician, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) received $55,000 from the Virginia Department of Health to work with the Home Visiting Consortium to identify the core Virginia Home Visiting training and to plan for training all Virginia Home Visitors on core competencies. 10
2009 October Grant Temple Dr. Louise M. Temple (Professor, Integrated Science and Technology) received $6,432 from the National Institutes of Health to define and explore the constellation of virulence factors of B. pertussis and to develop tissue and/or organ culture models for studying toxicity of B. avium. 10
2009 October Presentation Haynes Dr. John T. Haynes (Assistant Professor, Geology and Environmental Science) presented "Field and petrographic study of pore systems in the Marcellus Shale and associated mudrocks, western Virginia" at the United States Geological Survey in Reston, Oct. 21, before the USGS Eastern Energy Research Team and other interested geologists. 10
2009 October Presentation Imani Dr. Nikitah Imani (Associate Professor, Sociology) presented a paper, "The terminological problem in Africana studies," and served as a session host at the Africana Studies 1st Annual Interdisciplinary Symposium, "Africa at the Crossroads: Where do We Go From Here?" at JMU, Oct. 9. 10
2009 October Presentation Lewis Dr. Laura A. Lewis (Professor, Anthropology) presented "Border-crossings: Southern Guerrero, migrations and Black-Indianness" to Indiana University's program in Minority Languages, Cultures and Peoples. During the same visit Lewis spoke to three different
classes, the Multidisciplinary Seminar on Issues and Approaches to Global Studies, Latino Folklore and Heritage and Cultural Property.
2009 October Publication Cavalcanti Dr. Keo Cavalcanti (Professor, Sociology) and Debra Schleef wrote "Latinos in Dixie: Class and Assimilation in Richmond, Virginia," published in October 2009. The book is the first large-scale survey study of Hispanics who have settled in Richmond. Cavalcanti andSchleef explored language use, ethnic customs, family life to workplace dynamics, and political and religious participation. 10
2009 October Publication Gabbin Dr. Joanne V. Gabbin (Director, Furious Flower Poetry Center; Professor, English) edited Shaping Memories: Reflections of African American Women Writers, short essays by 25 prominent black women writers on pivotal moments that strongly influenced their careers. Gabbin offers a head note for each essay that summarizes the writer's career and aesthetic development. 10
2009 October Publication Lewis Dr. Laura A. Lewis (Professor, Anthropology) and Dr. Liam Buckley (Assistant Professor, Anthropology) co-edited 25(2) of the journal Visual Anthropology Review. 10
2009 October Publication Rosser Dr. J. Barkley Rosser Jr. (Professor, Economics; Kirby L. Cramer Jr. Professor of Business Administration) published an entry, "Frontiers of Economics in the Post-Neoclassical Era," in Enciclopedia Italiana, 1, 703-711. 10