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Madison Scholarly News - 2006

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Year Month Type Name Description month
2006 December Appointments Reid Robert D. Reid (Dean, College of Business) was named to the Maintenance of Accreditation Committee of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International, which accredits 528 business schools in 30 nations. Reid, the committee's only Virginia representative, will serve for three years. The 15-member committee oversees the five-year maintenance of review of AACSB-accredited business schools, a key component of the ongoing improvement process required by AACSB standards. The committee works to ensure that standards are applied consistently and equitably across teams and across programs reviewed. "We are fortunate to have Dean Reid as a member of our Maintenance of Accreditation Committee and look forward to his contributions in the coming year," said Jerry Trapnell, executive vice president and chief accreditation officer of AACSB International. "His expertise is most valuable to our association as we embark on another full year of accreditation activities." 12
2006 December Appointments Rothenberger John Rothenberger (Entrepreneur in Residence, Business) was named the first entrepreneur in residence in a new Center for Entrepreneurship program designed to allow students and faculty to interact with a successful entrepreneur who can provide insight, expertise and advice on a variety of issues pertaining to entrepreneurship and venture creation. Rothenberger, a JMU alumnus, founded Strategic Enterprise Solutions Inc. after 9-11 to deliver IT and business services and solutions to improve homeland security. He is a seasoned business executive with more than 16 years of executive leadership, strategic business planning, business development and management experience. Prior to starting SE Solutions, Rothenberger founded Aspire Technology Group (formerly Clover Technologies) and served as its president from 1993 to early March 2000. He graduated from JMU with a bachelor of business administration in marketing degree in 1988, and serves on JMU's Executive Advisory Council and serves as a regular judge for the College of Business' annual business plan competition. Rothenberger is also a University of Pennsylvania Wharton School Business Fellow. Rothenberger will hold office hours in the College of Business and is available to speak to classes and other groups. 12
2006 December Grant Fiegener Dr. Mark K. Fiegener (Assistant Professor, Management) received $42,314 from the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center to extend understanding of how lifeline organizations make decisions about investments to mitigate earthquake risks in ways that can help managers and other key decision makers. 12
2006 December Grant Gobetz Dr. Katrina E. Gobetz (Assistant Professor, Biology) received $24,000 from the Jeffress Memorial Trust to quantify digging ability among ages, sexes, individuals and species of several mammals. 12
2006 December Grant Haworth Elizabeth Haworth (Assistant Director, Furious Flower Poetry Center) received $38,000 from Target Corp. for a kindergarten through 12th grade curriculum for Black History Month to develop materials to allow students to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of African American poetry. 12
2006 December Grant Mohler Dr. Debra L. Mohler (Assistant Professor, Chemistry) received $55,000 from the Petroleum Research Fund to develop a quantitative understanding of the relationship between molecular structure and electron transfer dynamics. 12
2006 December Grant Nye Christopher B. Nye (Executive Director, Blue Ridge Area Health Education Center) received $2,655 from the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Free Clinic to provide volunteer outpatient health services. 12
2006 December Grant Saunders Dr. Michael J. Saunders (Associate Professor, Kinesiology) received $10,000 from PacificHealth Labs for "Effects of Carbohydrate/Protein Administration on Physiological and Psychological Recovery During Intense Bicycle Training" to examine the effects of CHO+P ingestion during simulated mountain bike racing performed in-the-field and the role of CHO+P ingestion on central and peripheral fatigue. 12
2006 December Grant Stover Lynne F. Stover (Teacher Consultant, Center for Economic Education) received $503 from the National Council on Economic Education to conduct a teacher-training workshop on the Mathematics and Economics: Connections for Life, 3-5 curriculum series. 12
2006 December Grant VanWyk Dr. Leonard A. VanWyk (Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics) received $51,580 from the National Science Foundation for "REU: Mathematics Research for Undergraduates at James Madison University" to provide student researchers with an authentic mathematical research experience and opportunities for interaction among diverse students. 12
2006 December Grant Wishon Dr. Phillip M. Wishon (Dean, College of Education) received $39,605 from the College of William and Mary for "Teacher Education and Licensure: Working Conditions" to develop a system for collecting quantifiable data and gathering subjective data on such things as school size, location, sense of teacher empowerment and autonomy, and other environmental concerns. 12
2006 December Grant Wunderlich Dr. Roshna E. Wunderlich (Associate Professor, Biology) received $10,000 from the Jeffress Memorial Trust to examine the biomechanics of bipedal locomotion in Propithecus verreauxi. 12
2006 December Performance Ohara A dance choreographed by Shane O'Hara (Professor, Dance) was performed by five University of Maryland dancers at the school's fall concert. 12
2006 December Performance Thompson Cynthia Thompson (Professor, Dance) performed a solo in Shannon Hummel's New York company CORA's concert at Rhode Island University Dec. 2 and 3. 12
2006 December Presentation Minor Dobner Dr. Janice L. Minor (Assistant Professor, Music) presented an invited workshop, "Clarinet 1, 2, 3 D Clarinet 101: The Basic Fundamental Skills and Repertoire for Clarinet Every Director Should Know for Their Beginner to College Level Student," Dec. 22 during the five-day 60th Annual Midwest Clinic: An International Band and Orchestra Conference in Chicago. Approximately 300 band directors attended her workshop, which featured Dr. Gabriel T. Dobner (Assistant Professor, Music) as piano accompanist. 12