Gender Neutral Restrooms

The listing is compiled by the LGBT & Ally Education Program, in an effort to identify single occupancy Restrooms on the James Madison University campus in order to ensure safety and comfort for the transgender community. If you know of any additional restrooms on campus that is not mentioned below, please contact our office at

Please note that listing unisex and single-stall bathrooms does not imply that all trans or gender variant people should only use unisex or single-stall facilities on campus. Rather, we list them as an alternative for those who may feel more comfortable in a unisex or single-stall facility.

It should also be noted that currently, unisex facilities are not available in most buildings on campus.

Gender Neutral Restrooms List

We're working to expand this list, and to advocate for more gender-neutral signage on bathrooms on campus, but for now, these are the ones we're sure of:

Academic Buildings

East Campus Library - 2 in the 24 hour study lounge
Johnson Hall - 1 on first floor, 2 on second floor
Warren Hall - 1 on the fifth floor

Residence Halls

Wayland Hall lobby
Eagle Hall lobby
Spotswood Hall lobby
Ashby Hall lobby

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