2008 LGBT and Ally Education Award Nomination Form

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2008 LGBT & Ally Education Awards



The LGBT & Ally Education Awards are presented to individuals in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the LGBT community during the past year.  Their actions contributed to the creation or improvement of an inclusive, respectful, and safe climate for the LGBT community. 


If you know of an individual who has made such a contribution, please consider nominating her/him.  Sometimes leadership is visible and easy to identify.  At other times, it is more subtle and demonstrated through the day-to-day acts of courage that make a difference in our community and on our campus. 


Examples of ways that others have demonstrated outstanding service to the LGBT community are:


         - Participating in mentoring activities and/or providing a supportive presence for the diverse community of LGBT students, staff, and faculty at JMU


         - Taking an active role in educating others and increasing the awareness of LGBT issues and concerns


         - Active social justice advocacy for LGBT individuals


         - Showcasing the diversity of the LGBT communities


         - Going beyond the requirements of one's job to advance the understanding of LGBT persons and their allies and/or improving the climate at JMU for LGBT persons and their allies


         - Serving as a role model to other students and inspiring other students to action on behalf of the LGBT community


         - Speaking up about LGBT issues and concerns even when he/she is a lone voice, and continuing to raise awareness of these issues and concerns when change is slow



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