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The LGBT & Ally Education Program presents two awards each year to deserving JMU community members whose services have a resounding impact on the LGBT & Ally community. It is with these awards that we give our appreciation by honoring those exemplary individuals who strive for the education, advocacy, and support of the LGBTIQA community.

If you know of a person who deserves recognition for their achievements, please fill out a nomination form by clicking on either of the award descriptions. Nomination for awards will be reviewed by a committee of JMU staff, faculty, and students. All awards will be presented at Lavender Graduation.

  • Chris L. Gatesman Service AwardPresented to an individual in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the LGBT community during the past year. Their actions contributed to the creation or improvement of an inclusive, respectful, and safe climate for the LGBT community.
  • LGBT & Ally Education Award - Given in recognition of outstanding dedication and support of James Madison University's LGBT & Ally Education Program.

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