A. You must meet both of the following requirements to be able to take the exam (If you are an International Business or Affairs major skip to part B)

- JMU placement test score at least 650 and were placed DIRECTLY into SPAN 300 (did NOT take SPAN 232 or its equivalent)

- declare a minor or major in Spanish before taking the exam

Once both of those requirements are met:

  1. Go to Keezell 301. Ask about taking Credit by Examination form for SPAN 300. Your placement test score will be verified and you will be given a form to fill out. Your advisor’s signature is NO LONGER NECESSARY. The Foreign Language Department Head will sign the form.
  2. Pay the nonrefundable $25 fee to the University Business Office, Warren Hall 302 and have the form signed.
  3. Return to Keezell 301 to take the exam. Bring a picture ID and the form with the all required signatures. You will leave this form with your completed test.
  4. The completed exam will be given to Professor Elizabeth Castro to grade. She will notify the student about the results by email. The form will be sent to the Registrar’s office.

If credit is awarded, you will be able to view it via MyMadison.

Once you have decided to take the test, and want to take another Spanish class in its place, you may want to contact professors of other classes. Let them know you are taking the SPAN300 Credit by Examination and that you would like to be in their class. An override number will still be necessary to enroll if SPAN 300 is the prerequisite even after passing the test since it will take a while for the credit to post. Ask to begin attending that class while waiting for the results so you don’t get behind. Make sure you have another class to take its place if you are in need of the credit hours to stay full time. If you pass the exam, you need to drop SPAN300. You will not be automatically dropped.

B. If you are an International Business / Affairs major you may not take the exam for credit unless you declare a Spanish minor (i.e. Spanish Business minor). You must retake the placement test in the Language Resource Center (Keezell 103) again and receive a waiver for SPAN300. If you declare a minor in Spanish then you follow the instructions for part A above.

To retake the placement test and receive a waiver for SPAN 300:

  1. Print your first score results from MyMadison which shows a score of 650 or higher.
  2. Retake the placement test in the Language Resource Center in Keezell 103 and score 650 or higher.
  3. Print the results and take BOTH the 1st and 2nd test results to Keezell

The Academic Unit Head will notify the Business Department that you have placed out of SPAN300. You will be required to take another 300 level course to take its place to fulfill your major requirements. You will not get credit for SPAN300 but a waiver to substitute a different course.

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