Please read these intructions thoroughly

1. Honor Code

When taking the exam, you are bound by the JMU Honor Code.

You may not use outside sources (e.g. dictionaries, other web pages, textbooks or other books) and you may not receive assistance from another person. These actions are violations of the JMU Honor Code and may place you at an inappropriate level.

2. Take the exam ONCE.

Only take an exam for a given language once every three semesters.

Do NOT retake the exam right away. It will not help you in any way.

Allow 24-48 hours (more on the weekends) for your score to appear in MyMadison. 

If it does not appear after that time, do NOT take the exam again, but contact 

3. Take the exam in one sitting.

If you start the exam, abandon it, then come back and resume it on a different day, your score will not upload properly.

4. You will need your nine-digit JMU ID number to register for the exam.

You MUST enter your correct nine-digit JMU ID number in order for your exam to be recorded.

You can find your JMU student ID number on MyMadison.

I have read these instructions, I have my JMU ID number, 
and am ready to take the Foreign Language Placement Exam.

(You will need to log into the instructions with your JMU E-ID and password.)

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