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Curriculum Overview

A complete listing of all core, elective, and M.A.T. courses is available in the  official JMU Catalogs.

The Physical & Health Education Teacher Education (PHETE) concentration is committed to educating future leaders in the profession of teaching through physical & health education.  The program encourages the student to advocate for effective educational changes, work collaboratively and collectively for social change, and value continue professional growth.

The PHETE concentration is a five-year Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program.  Upon successful completion of the first four years students earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in kinesiology.  The fifth-year MAT degree provides the requisite courses to obtain a VA state teaching license in Physical and Health Education (PK-12).  It is necessary to be admitted to both the JMU teacher education program and the PHETE program prior to enrolling in professional education courses.  Specific requirements are available from the PHETE coordinator.  This concentration is influenced by the guidelines established by CAEP/SHAPE America & the JMU Professional Education Conceptual Framework. 

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Program of Study

FIRST Year Credit Hours
KIN 100 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness       3
General Education Courses  
SECOND Year Credit Hours
KIN 202 Biological Foundations of Kinesiology 3
KIN 305 Psychological Foundations of Kinesiology 3
PSY 160 Life Span Human Development 3
BIO 290 Human Anatomy               4
General Education Courses  
THIRD Year (Fall Semester) Credit Hours
KIN 303 Motor Development & Learning 3
KIN 312 The Profession of Teaching 2
KIN Skill Lab 224 2
EDUC 300 Foundations of Education 3
NUTR 280 Nutrition for Wellness 3
THIRD Year (Spring Semester) Credit Hours
KIN Skill Labs 222 & 225 2/2
KIN 410 School Health Content for PHETE 3
READ 420 Content Area Literacy   2
KIN 411 Measurement & Evaluation 3
FOURTH Year (Fall Semester) Credit Hours
KIN 310 Instructional Methods in Physical Education 3
KIN 311 Elementary Curriculum in Physical Education 2
KIN 313 Adapted Physical Education 3
KIN Skill Lab 223 2
FOURTH Year (Spring Semester) Credit Hours
KIN 314 Assessment in Elementary Physical Education 3
KIN Skill Lab 221 2
KIN 426 Physical Activity Behaviors 3
KIN 480 Student Teaching in Elementary PE 8
FIFTH Year (Summer Session 1) Credit Hours
KIN 511 Technology in Health & Physical Education 3
KIN 610 Curriculum Design & Development in Health & Physical Education 3
KIN 611 Teaching Diverse Populations 3
FIFTH Year (Fall Semester) Credit Hours
KIN 512 Instructional Methods in Middle & Secondary 3
KIN 514 Methods in School Health for PHETE 3
KIN 516 Qualitative Analysis 3
KIN 655 Research Techniques 3
FIFTH Year (Spring Semester) Credit Hours
KIN 513 Professional Issues 3
KIN 612 Analysis of Teaching & Learning 3
KIN 683 Secondary Internship 6