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Name and Expertise Phone E-mail Room
Dr. Liz Edwards
Exercise Science, Executive Director of the Morrison Bruce Center


Godwin 309
Dr. Judith A. Flohr
Exercise Science,Founding Director of the Morrison Bruce Center
540-568-3448 flohrja@jmu.edu Godwin 310
Dr. Michael S. Goldberger
Professor Emeritus
540-568-7848 goldbems@jmu.edu Godwin 312
Dr. Trent Hargens
Exercise Science, IRB representative
540-568-5844 hargenta@jmu.edu Godwin 316
Bobby J. Lifka
PHETE and GKIN 100
540-568-3952 lifkarj@jmu.edu Godwin 325
Dr. Nicholas D. Luden
Graduate Director, Exercise Science
540-568-4069 ludennd@jmu.edu Godwin 209
Dr. Cathy McKay
540-568-3475 mckayca@jmu.edu Godwin 328
Paula McMahan
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
540-568-2948 mcmahapm@jmu.edu Godwin 220
Dr. Thomas E. Moran
Executive Director of Empowerment3 – Center for Physical Activity and Wellness for Underserved Youth
Overcoming Barriers, Project Director
540-568-4877 morante@jmu.edu Godwin 327
Harry Nesselrodt
Equipment Manager
540-568-3629 nesselhr@jmu.edu Godwin 213
Dr. Susan Nye
540-568-4865 nyesb@jmu.edu Godwin 315
Joyce Plymale
Chief Operating Officer
540-568-6145 plymaljm@jmu.edu Godwin 213
Dr. Sarah Carson Sackett
Associate Director of the Morrison Bruce Center
540-568-6514 carsonsa@jmu.edu Godwin 326
Dr. Michael J. Saunders
Director, Human Performance Laboratories
540-568-8121 saundemj@jmu.edu Godwin 209
Dr. Kent Todd
Exercise Science
540-568-3947 toddmk@jmu.edu Godwin 311
Jana Walters
GKIN 100 and Exercise Science Practicum and Internship Coordinator
540-568-3949 walterjr@jmu.edu Godwin 324
Dr. Jacqueline A. Williams
PHETE Coordinator
540-568-6957 williaja@jmu.edu Godwin 317
Dr. Christopher J. Womack
Department Chair
540-568-6145 womackcx@jmu.edu Godwin 213

Dr. Greg Young
Assistant Professor
Coaching Education Minor

540-568-4363 younggx@jmu.edu Godwin 314


  • Summer Hours 
    May 6 - August 16 
    Mon-Thurs 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
    Friday 8:00 a.m. - 12 noon

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Welcome from Kinesiology

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Welcome to the Department of Kinesiology! Kinesiology involves the study of human movement and our faculty and students do so from a physiological, biomechanical, and psychosocial perspective. More >