James Madison University

2018 Special Institute Events

In addition to the institute workshops and general sessions there are special events held before and during the institute.

Special Pre-institute Workshops
Offered before the start of the institute on Sunday, July 8th. You may only enroll in one of the special events unless specified. These pre-institute events are free of charge with institute registration.

Full enrollment - Archery Certification

offered by Karen Holson, Virginia NASP State Coordinator (804-640-7957) beginning at 10:00 am. This training is offered through the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. This 8 hour course will cover safe range setup, archery instruction and coaching techniques for archery program implementation during in-school curriculum. Two teachers attending from the same school can be eligible for an assigned loaner equipment set. Come dressed to participate with closed toed shoes.  Enrollment is limited.


Bicycle Education Certification Course for Teachers

beginning at 10:00 am.  This 12-hour specialty workshop covers types of bikes, gears and shifting basics, basic bike maintenance, curriculum ideas, coalition building, fund raising tips, and more.  This course requires participants to bring their own bicycles. If you have questions about the course, please contact either Vicki Miller at (804) 938-4330 or vbm01@comcast.net.  Enrollment is limited and you must bring a working bicycle and helmet.


CPR/AED & Emergency First Aid

from 10:00-noon.  Attendees will be issued an ECSI national provider card valid for two years.   You may also register for the CPR instructor course at 1:00 if interested.


CPR, AED & First Aid Instructor/Educator Center Course Coordinator

at 1:00. This training enables you to become an Instructor/Educator Center Course Coordinator through a special reciprocity structure available to professional educators. With this status you can provide training and certification for colleagues and students in your school division. www.jblearning.com, www.ECSInstitute.org


National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer Teacher (CPT) Training

beginning at 1:00.
  1. Introduction to the Certified Personal Trainer Industry Credential – What is this all about and what do I need to do to get started? What are the requirements and benefits?
  2. Fitness Assessment – Learn how to assess muscular strength and imbalances through the NASM OPT mode.
  3. OPT Model for Strength, Cardio, Balance, & Flexibility – Understand and learn the progressions and regressions of strength, cardio, balance and flexibility exercises.
  4. Test Practice for NASM Personal Trainer Certification – Come for a collaborative effort to de-construct and answer the practice test questions for the NASM certification tests.


Teaching the Prevention of Dating Violence, Domestic Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, and Other Violent Crimes Against Students

, Sunday, 1:00.  This hands-on, interactive, and engaging seminar teaches a curriculum empirically proven to increase student safety and of practical value to all teachers. The course covers relevant aspects of the Family Life Education Guidelines and Standard of Learning Objectives for Virginia Public Schools, is based on the latest pedagogical, criminological, and social psychological research, and has been extensively tested on students and parents.  Courses of this nature have been empirically proven to dramatically change student behavior and have reduced rape by 1/2 and attempted rape by 2/3.  The course includes simple self-protection and escape techniques that virtually any adult or school age child can use.


WELNET®: 21st Century Software for Connected Educators

, Sunday, 1-4.  Using data to educate, inform and inspire is easy with WELNET®. Attend a fast-paced, hands-on workshop built specifically to create a Virginia WELNET® Trainer Cadre. The focus of the workshop will be on training the WELNET® Trainer Cadre on the Why, What and How of WELNET®, the most commonly used features from the Fitness, Assessment, Behavior, Rubric and Survey Modules and instruction in the use of the Brain / Body Boosts and Video Library. Participants will exit the workshop with the skill sets needed to plan, execute and evaluate a WELNET® training for their school division. Attendees need to bring a laptop, iPad or mobile device.