James Madison University

Instructions for Applying for a Fieldwork Experience

Please follow these procedures when applying for a fieldwork experience in the undergraduate Exercise Science concentration:

  1. Review the Exercise Science Career Center web page for potential site placements for undergraduate practicum and internship credit.
  2. Make an appointment to meet with Jana Walters, the undergraduate ES practicum and internship coordinator. She will discuss your fieldwork options, grading procedures, weekly reports, and final placement approval. You may contact Jana to set up an appointment by email (walterjr@jmu.edu) or by phone (568-4864).
  3. Download the documents for the undergraduate fieldwork application process. Complete the "Internship & Practicum Application" and the "Agency Acceptance Form". Submit these forms to the fieldwork site supervisor for approval.
  4. Return the signed application and agency acceptance forms to Jana. At that time, you will receive confirmation of your site placement and a registration permission number which is necessary to register for the course. Enrollment in KIN 471 or KIN481 may not be completed without this permission number.
  5. Register for credit for the practicum (KIN 471) or internship (KIN 481). Be sure to contact Jana during the first week of classes to confirm your contact information.