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Please take a moment to take a look around to learn about our office, policies, and educational programs. This site is designed to be functional and provide information for visitors, students, parents, and JMU faculty and staff.



New Staff Member

We are happy to announce the addition of a new member of the Judicial Affairs team, Jill Wade. Jill will begin her position as Office Coordinator in the beginning of October, 2013. 

2013-14 JMU Student Handbook

The 2013-14 James Madison University Student Handbook is now available exclusively online at http://www.jmu.edu/handbook

It is the responsibility of every student to know and follow the policies outlined in the JMU Student Handbook along with federal, state and local laws. The JMU Student Handbook also outlines the judicial process, student rights, and student responsibilities. Please take a moment to review the handbook and become familiar with this information. 

All revisions made to the 2012-13 handbook in the development of this year’s handbook are outlined on this document. These changes include modification of the End of Semester Conduct Process and Administrative Hearing Procedures, as well as the Falsification of Information, Harassment, Alcohol, Drug, Sexual Assault, and Dangerous Practices policies.

Website Updates

The Judicial Affairs, Civic Learning, and Student Handbook websites are all getting a new look!

In an effort to advance JMU web technologies effectively and efficiently JMU will be implementing CASCADE, a content management system (CMS). As part of the implementation process, our websites will be going through a redesign phase.

Be aware that during this period you may experience down times on some content. If you need any assistance accessing information, please contact our Web Manager at (540) 568-2899.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during our transition to the new system. We look forward to providing you with a new and improved web browsing experience.

Alcohol & Drug Policy

For more information please reference the Alcohol & Drug Policy section of our website.