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About Judicial Affairs

Judicial Affairs Mission Statement
We collaborate with partners to facilitate civic responsibility and student development in order to provide opportunities for the cultivation and restoration of the university community.

The Purpose of Judicial AffairsJMU Campus

JMU has both a right and an obligation to set reasonable standards of conduct for students who voluntarily choose to become members of the university community.

The university assumes a right and accepts the responsibility to establish a system of judicial and disciplinary procedures for use when community members violate university policy. In turn, the university recognizes the need to ensure that community members have the right to fair and equitable procedures if charged with a university policy violation.

How We Differ from the Legal Court System

The Office of Judicial Affairs derives authority from the court systems and the president of University. However, the authority that JMU exercises to charge and discipline students differs from the power exercised by civil authorities in prosecuting cases at general law.

Criminal courts most often seek to punish or deter unlawful behavior. Judicial proceedings at educational institutions intend to impress responsibility upon individuals or, in the most severe cases, remove those who should not remain in the academic community. The federal courts have called discipline a part of the teaching process.