Blasting Starts at JMU Performing Arts Center Construction Site

From: Public Affairs

Area highlighted in yellow is blasting zone

January 8, 2008

HARRISONBURG Construction crews will begin blasting for the foundation of the future Performing Arts Center at James Madison University Wednesday,
Jan. 9.

The blast zone is located on South Main Street between Warsaw Avenue and the southern portion of the Anthony-Seeger Hall parking lot.

Prior to each blast, warning horns at the construction site will sound three times. Following a blast, a long "all clear" sound will emit from the warning horns. Construction personnel located at the intersections of Warsaw Avenue and South Main Street and in front of Anthony-Seeger Hall also will alert pedestrians to impending blasts.

The blasting plan is coordinated with JMU's class schedule so blasts do not occur when pedestrian traffic is heavy.

Blasting mats will be placed to minimize noise and debris from the construction site, but small rumblings and dust are possible.

The blasting phase of the construction project is expected to take three to four weeks, depending on the amount of rock encountered. Blasting will occur during daylight hours.

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