JMU Grad Glad To Be Back in the Classroom as Teacher

From: Public Affairs

Toni South is glad to be getting back into a JMU classroom this fall, this time as a teacher.

The 2005 chemistry graduate is one of 117 new faculty members in JMU classrooms this year, 78 full-time and 39 part-time.

"The professors here really influenced me," said South, who will teach an introductory class in the department of chemistry and biochemistry and will also work on research. "They were very motivating and they were mentors and friends to me so they were instrumental in me wanting to go on and teach."

South had been working for Dow Chemical Co. in the Philadelphia area before returning to JMU.

Mark Gruskin, who will teach in the College of Business, is coming to JMU from Wayne State University in Michigan. He is looking forward to learning from the students he teaches. "Their questions drive us to investigate things and it ultimately expands our viewpoint on things," he said.

Edwin O'Shea will teach in the department of mathematics and statistics and is coming to JMU from Ireland, where he was involved in research. His research work with a JMU alum and JMU's emphasis on undergraduate education influenced his decision to come here. "I really enjoy the students. I think most of them, they're at an age where they're filled with enthusiasm. In return for wonderful teaching, you get to spend time on things that interest you and so that model really appealed to me," he said.

Here is a list of the new faculty:

College of Arts and Letters
Danielle Widmann Abraham, Philosophy & Religion
Aaron E. Bacue, Communication Studies
Frank Daniel Bechter, Sociology & Anthropology
JoAnn Benjamin, University Advising
David Bleich, Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication
Heidi Bollinger, English
Rebecca N. Brannon, History and Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
Daisy Breneman, Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication
Karl W. Brown, History
Samuel Lee Duncan, Philosophy & Religion
Peter Eubanks, Foreign Languages
Allison Fagan, English
Mariagrazia Fiorello, Foreign Languages
Samar Fitzgerald, English
Andrea Gallo, Foreign Languages
Ervie Glick, Foreign Languages
Julie Gochenour, School of Media Arts & Design
Robert Shelton Hill, History
Shelly Lynn Hokanson, School of Media Arts & Design
Yongguang Hu, History
Jennifer Jacovitch, Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication
William Dewey Jennings, Justice Studies
Michael K. Kolakoski, English
Elinor Spalding Lewis, Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication
Alice Neff Lucan, School of Media Arts & Design
Melanie Luhn, Foreign Languages
Talley Mulligan, School of Media Arts & Design
Jemimah W. Mwakisha, Communication Studies
Jesse W. Newton, Philosophy & Religion
Andre Buel Nicholson, School of Media Arts & Design
Susan Opt, Communication Studies
Stacey A. Passalacqua, Communication Studies
Nicholas Robinette, English
Laura Stump, Foreign Languages
Kimiko Tanaka, Sociology & Anthropology
Jeb Thomas Terrien, Justice Studies
Mark A. Trickett, Sociology & Anthropology
Nan Zheng, School of Media Arts & Design
Robert W. Alexander, Political Science
Tom F. Hannon, Political Science
Jessica L. Minnis-McClain, Political Science
Donald L. Plambeck, Political Science
Elisabeth Whitehead, Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication

College of Business
Miguel Bendrao Baltazar, School of Hospitality, Sport & Recreation Management
Karie A. Barbour, Economics
Merve Kaleagasi Eren, Marketing
Alyssa T. Gerlando, School of Hospitality, Sport & Recreation Management
Mark R. Gruskin, Finance
Gary William Juhan, School of Hospitality, Sport & Recreation Management
Ali Muhammad Shahzad, Management
Marilla S. Showalter, Accounting
Debra G. Wenger, Computer Information Systems & Management Science

College of Education
John T. Almarode, Early, Elementary, and Reading Education
Edward Brantmeier, Learning, Technology & Leadership Education, CFI
Dannette A. Bronaugh, Exceptional Education
Richard Ingram, Learning, Technology & Leadership Education
Douglas J. Loveless, Early, Elementary, and Reading Education
Jennifer R. Newton, Exceptional Education
Kateri Grace Thunder, Middle, Sec & Mathematics Education

College of Integrated Science and Technology
Rachel M. Bavister, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Laine P. Bradshaw, Center for Assessment & Research Studies
Brendan J. Danker, Kinesiology
Elizabeth S. Edwards, Kinesiology
Kethera A.J. Fogler, Psychology
Kyle Gipson, Engineering
Trent A. Hargens, Kinesiology
Daniel D. Holt, Psychology
Michael S. Kirkpatrick, Computer Science
Melissa Leisen, Nursing
Jennifer Mangan, Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
Bernice A. Marcopulos, Graduate Psychology
Christopher S. Mayfield, Computer Science
Jacquelyn Nagel, Engineering
Carole L. Nash, ISAT
Stacey Pavelko, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Andrew A. Peachey, Health Sciences
Julie Sanford, Nursing
Nathan R. Sprague, Computer Science
Deborah Crawford Sturm, Graduate Psychology
Timothy Ronald Walton, ISAT

College of Science and Methematics
Elizabeth Victoria Berkeley, Biology
Brycelyn M. Boardman, Chemistry
Brent D. Cunningham, Chemistry
Tracy Deem, Biology
Joshua E. Ducey, Mathematics & Statistics
Kristen E. Funck, Chemistry
Elizabeth Jane Jeffery, Physics & Astronomy
John H. Johnson, Jr., Mathematics & Statistics
Joanna Mott, Biology
Edwin O'Shea, Mathematics & Statistics
Deepshika Shukla, Physics & Astronomy
Shaleen Shukla, Physics & Astronomy
Toni South, Chemistry
Julia Stutzman, Biology
Shelly Thomas, Biology
Cindy Vindman, Biology
Shelley J. Whitmeyer, Geology & Environmental Science
Nathan T. Wright, Chemistry
John Charles Zimmerman, Physics & Astronomy

College of Visual and Performing Arts
Patricia Augsburger, Art, Design & Art History
Terry Brino-Dean, Theatre and Dance
Meredith Conti, Theatre and Dance
William Bryce Hayes, School of Music
Lise Keiter, School of Music
Adam Larrabee, School of Music
Karen Mulder, Art, Design & Art History
Jiyoung Oh, School of Music
Marc Paxton, Art, Design & Art History
Daniel Lawrence Robinson, Institute for Visual Studies
Jun Bum Shin, Art, Design & Art History
Klaus Shmidheiser, Art, Design & Art History
Emilie Johnson Wheeler, Art, Design & Art History

Academic Affairs
Trevor P. Alvord, Libraries & Educational Technology
Michael Mungin, Libraries & Educational Technology
Erika Peterson, Libraries & Educational Technology
Laura Kate Schubert, Libraries & Educational Technology
Yasmeen Shorish, Libraries & Educational Technology

Published Aug. 31, 2011