Valley Geology, Historic Maps Part of Google Earth Display

From: Public Affairs

An interactive geologic map of the central Shenandoah Valley, a series of historical maps of the City of Harrisonburg and a look at some of the travels President James Madison made in the 1800s were among projects James Madison University faculty presented Jan. 18.

The faculty members created the projects in Google Earth as part of an initiative to show how the geospatial technology can be used in and out of the classroom. Dr. Steve Whitmeyer, associate professor of geology and environmental science, says these projects and future Google Earth projects can be used both as teaching tools and as outreach tools for the community. The interactive geologic map, for example, could be used by people in the construction industry to review the geology where construction projects are planned.

“We’ve built models that are three-dimensional, that show geologic structures that you can lift out of the ground and zoom and turn around and things like that,” said Whitmeyer, who recently returned from a conference on Google Earth that he co-led at Google headquarters in California.


Jan. 16, 2011