Message from President-elect Jon Alger

From: Public Affairs

January 17, 2012

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

As a new year begins, I want to thank you all for your gracious and warm welcome to the James Madison University community, and to give you a brief sense of transition plans for the coming months.

Mary Ann, Eleanor and I have been and continue to be taken with your notes, letters and words of encouragement. Madisonís reputation as an especially close and supportive campus community is widely known, and now I have experienced it for myself. We very much look forward to joining you this coming summer.

As I said in my acceptance speech, President Rose has set the stage for an exciting next chapter in the universityís history. Transition activities are well under way, and we are actively involved in a series of briefings on each division of the university, and on issues related to Richmond and Capitol Hill. I still have much to learn about the university, but I can tell you that the more I discover, the more excited I become about the privilege of leading Madison.

Although eager to get to campus and begin work, I am committed to seeing several major projects through at Rutgers and at the state level in New Jersey. Once I arrive on campus in July, I plan to meet with students, faculty and staff as a part of a listening tour with important constituencies of the university. As you may remember from my speech in November, it is my hope to position James Madison University as the standard for the engaged university in the 21st century. To accomplish this vision, there is no better place to start than to engage with you.

Finally, I want to express my immense gratitude to Dr. Rose, who is helping to facilitate a smooth transition and who has generously offered to host receptions for me to meet with you prior to my start date. Plans are under way for me to come to campus to meet with the faculty and staff and with students on April 5th and 6th. I look forward to meeting many of you at that time. Until then, have a terrific semester.


Jon Alger