Join us for Flashpoint: Occupy Wall Street; Dec 2, 3-4;30pm

From: Center for Faculty Innovation

Flashpoint: Occupy Wall Street
This Flashpoint will explore issues of the unequal distribution of wealth in America and in the world. The Occupy Wall Street movement has been gaining momentum in many U.S. Cities and has spawned other occupy movements around the world over the past few months. Crafted as protest against economic exploitation by some and seen as a public nuisance by others, police are clearing protestor encampments in public parks and on university campuses in Philadelphia, New York City, Columbia-South Carolina, at the University of California-Davis and many other locations. Faculty panelists will delve into the inner workings of the US capitalistic economy and examine how people have benefited, experienced loss or have been exploited by Wall Street. Where do you stand on the Occupy Wall Street issues? Add your voice to this timely, dynamic, and informed dialogue with faculty, students, and community members.

When & Where:
Friday, December 2, 3 4:30 pm
East Campus Library 3rd Floor Flex Space

Esther Poveda, Modern Languages and Literature
Stephen Poulson, Sociology and Anthropology
William Van Norman, History
Brian Kaylor, Communication Studies

Mary Gayne, History

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