Candlelight Memorial for Katie Mausteller

From: University Unions

Candlelight Memorial for Katie Mausteller
DATE: Sunday, Nov. 6
TIME: 4:30 pm, Wilson Hall

On Sunday, November 6th, JMU will hold a celebration of life memorial for Katie Mausteller. The memorial will begin in Wilson where a few JMU students and faculty will share their fondest memories of Katie, followed by a brief candlelight ceremony on the quad. This is a celebration of life and is meant to be student oriented, so all are encouraged to wear color. Please, no black.

Index cards will be provided for guests to write down their fondest memories of Katie. These can be anonymous or have your name included. There will be collection bins at the door, and the cards will be made into a scrapbook that will be given to Katie’s family as a keepsake.