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According to a 2003 National Study of College Freshmen by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI):

80% are interested in spirituality
76% are searching for meaning or purpose
74% have discussions about the meaning of life with friends
80% discuss religion or spirituality with friends
47% seek out opportunities to grow spiritually

* Source:

What does this mean for college and university faculty and staff? Should we be engaging students in conversations involving religion, God, belief, or spirituality? Do we even have the right?

Spirituality Dialogues is a program that helps students engage in healthy dialogue surrounding deep issues of meaning and purpose. Students share their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, while attempting to gain an understanding and respect for those around them.

This is a great opportunity for faculty and staff to collaborate with others to serve students outside their typical job responsibilities.

If you would like to be a part of this effort to help students wrestle with the big questions in life, please attend an interest session:

Wednesday, September 21
12 pm
Taylor 311


Thursday, September 22
12 pm
Taylor 311

If you have any questions contact:

Greg Meyer

We look forward to hearing from you!