Parking Lot Closures

From: Public Affairs

As you know, the arrival of freshman students brings traffic congestion. This year freshmen will begin moving into residence halls on Tuesday, August 23 at 9:00 AM through Wednesday, August 24, to participate in our dynamic orientation program. To accommodate the increase in traffic, faculty and staff are encouraged to consider carpooling, biking or walking to work or using some other means of transportation to help reduce the number of vehicles on campus during this event. There will be some changes in normal parking lot assignments during this time.

In an effort to maximize service to our students and their families, the following lots will be closed to faculty and staff all day Tuesday and Wednesday.

W Lot (behind Hoffman and Wayland Halls)
L Lot (between Frye Building and Hoffman Hall)
V Lot (between Johnston and Cleveland Halls)
D3 Lot (across Carrier Drive from the Festival Conference and Student Center)
C12 Lot (across Carrier Drive from the Festival Conference and Student Center)
The Champions Drive Parking Deck (on Champions Drive between Bridgeforth Stadium and Newman Lake)

All other lots normally assigned to faculty and staff will be open as usual.

To provide additional parking for faculty and staff, the following lots will be open:

These lots are expected to be most congested:

G Lot (adjacent to Godwin Hall)
R1 Lot (adjacent to the Mauck Stadium)
C4 Lot (adjacent to Cantrell Avenue)

Most accessible lots East of Interstate 81:

Convocation Center A through F
D2 Lot (across Carrier Drive from ISAT building)
C10 Lot (across Carrier Drive from East Campus Library)
R4 Lot (adjacent to Blue Ridge Hall)

North Campus lots:

Cantrell Avenue Parking Deck (levels G - 3)
Grace Street Parking Deck (level G)
N1 Lot (in former RMH building, accessed from Mason Street)
N2 Lot (former RMH emergency room lot)
N3 Lot (former RMH main entrance area)

Most accessible lots West of South Main Street:

S Lot (behind Anthony-Seeger Hall)
R11 Lot (across from USB on Grace Street)
Q East Lot (in front of JMAC 6)
Q West Lot (behind JMAC 6)
Q North Lot (behind JMAC 2/3)
Warsaw Avenue Parking Deck Levels 3-5
R3 Lot (accessed from Harrison Street)
C1 Lot (accessed from Harrison Street)

The new traffic gates will be open during move-in days to provide total access to campus.

Thanks for your support of our move-in process. I also want to thank those of you who have been engaged with Orientation in some manner. Literally hundreds of faculty and staff are involved with implementing our Orientation program.

JMU is a wonderful university, largely due to the efforts of you and your colleagues who daily demonstrate a commitment to our students. Our students truly are the beneficiaries of this dedication.

Thanks again,
Mark Warner