The Madison Plan: Strategic Plan 2014-2020

July 1, 2014 marks the start of a bold new strategic plan for James Madison University and a vision to be the national model for the engaged university: engaged with ideas and the world.

Read the James Madison University Strategic Plan 2014-2020.



We are a community committed to preparing students to be educated and enlightened citizens who lead productive and meaningful lives.


To be the national model for the engaged university: engaged with ideas and the world.


Academic Quality, Community, Diversity, Excellence, Integrity and Student Focus

Who We Are

James Madison University is a community of higher learning that reaches beyond the pursuit of instruction, developing well-rounded citizens who make a real difference in the world. We are continually building a culture marked by strong relationships, engagement, teaching excellence, ethical reasoning, discovery and a commitment to the liberal arts and sciences. Students often describe their experience as one where we “hold the door open” for each other. We see this as both literal – reflecting a warm and welcoming community – and figurative, where we open opportunities for our students by fostering the cultivation of ideas in and beyond the classroom. We offer the benefits and resources of large scale and mass while providing close relationships between students and faculty – the benefits of big with a small feel. We will be the national model of the engaged university because we believe engagement is a critical pathway to student enlightenment. As a reflection of our namesake, our most important intended outcome is to help create high-character citizen-leaders who contribute to improving the human condition.

Core Qualities

Academic Quality: Outstanding Programs

We believe in the relevance and importance of the liberal arts and sciences and are committed to maintaining strong student/faculty interaction. Through our distinguished faculty and staff, we offer academically challenging programs, providing an exemplary undergraduate education and distinctive graduate studies while maintaining high accountability for learning through effective assessment.

Academic Quality: Teaching, Scholarship and Research Excellence

We are a community committed to academic rigor and teaching excellence combined with the intentional engagement of students and faculty in meaningful research and experiences of other scholarly endeavors.

Access, Inclusion and Diversity

We promote access, inclusion, and diversity for all students, faculty, staff, constituents and programs, believing that these qualities are foundational components of an outstanding education in keeping with our mission.

A Culture of Philanthropy

Our culture of philanthropy is understood, embraced and practiced across the JMU community.


We challenge and support students, faculty and staff through meaningful engagement with the campus, academics, alumni, the community and the world. Engagement enhances their academic, civic, personal and professional learning while reinforcing ethical decision-making and meeting the needs of others through service.

Faculty & Staff Success

We foster for all faculty and staff a culture and environment that supports healthy work-life balance and personal and professional growth.

Fiscal & Facility Resources

We have the financial, facility, and technology resources to achieve our goals; developing diversified revenues, building and maintaining useful and attractive facilities, and harnessing technology for the most effective accomplishment of our objectives.


We champion a spirit of innovation.

National Prominence

Our faculty, staff, students and programs earn national prominence, expanding JMU’s strong reputation.

Recreation and Athletics

Our university community enjoys a vibrant experience fostered by a wide range of opportunities for state-of-the-art recreation and wellness and outstanding intercollegiate athletics.

Student Life & Success

 We support student academic and career success by providing opportunities to apply learning and development, practice good citizenship, foster health and wellness, and live in community.

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