NOTE: The information on this page is specific to students progressing from the ISC Study Group Program to JMU's undergraduate degree program.  Students enrolled directly in JMU's undergraduate program should visit the Academic Advising website. 

Application for Progression from ISC to JMU

These are instructions for students completing the International Study Center (ISC) at James Madison University (JMU) on how to complete the online admissions application.  The JMU admissions application is required for students to progress from the ISC to the undergraduate degree program at JMU.

Important Notes Before You Begin:

  • ISC students must complete the application to be eligible to progress to JMU's undergraduate program.  
  • F-1 students: ISC students studying in the US in F-1 status (student visa) should go to the JMU International Admissions website and click on "Apply Now" to begin the application. 
  • Non F-1 students: ISC sudents who are US citizens, permanent residents, hold dual citizenship between the US and another country or are studying in the ISC on another visa status must contact the International Transfer Advising Coordinator to discuss how to complete the application. 
  • Intended Major: The major you put on this application will be your declared major at JMU.  Look at the JMU Major Snapshots for more information on majors offered at JMU.   
  • Other Academic Interest: If you don't plan to study a pre-professional program, then leave this question blank.   You only need to answer this question if you plan to study a pre-professional program at JMU, such as pre-professional health or education.  
  • Start Term: Select the semester you plan to start at JMU.  If that semester is not an option, select the next available term. 
  • DO NOT PAY THE APPLICATION FEE! On page 7 of the application, you will click on a button to "Pay and Submit Application."  Select the option to "Request a Fee Waiver." In the box that asks you to explain your extenuating financial circumstances, enter "Study Group." Following these steps will allow you to submit the application without paying the fee. 
  • Confirmation Email: After you submit the application, you will receive an email from the Admissions Office confirming they have received your application and asking you to give them some documents.  You do not need to do any of the things or submit any of the documents mentioned in this email.  It is automatically sent when anyone completes the application.  You can safely delete this confirmation email. 
  • DO NOT PAY THE DEPOSIT: Later, you will receive notification in MyMadison that you have been admitted to JMU and a letter with instructions on how to pay the deposit.  Print or save the acceptance letter in a safe place.  Do not pay the deposit.

To complete the application, download these instructions, read them and follow them carefully.

Link to JMU Application for ISC Completers on YouTube.



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