NOTE: The information on this page is specific to students transitioning from the ISC Study Group Program to JMU's undergraduate degree program.  Undergraduate students enrolled directly at JMU should visit the Academic Advising website.

Holds in Student Center

View Holds Tutorial (PDF) Holds are service indicators that may be placed on your account in MyMadison.  Some holds are for informational purposes, and some may stop you from enrolling in classes, requesting a transcript or receiving other services on campus.  Contact the department that placed the hold on your account for information about the hold. Be sure to take care of any business you need to be able to have the hold removed before attempting to enroll in classes. 

These holds appear on all student records while in the ISC:

  • No enrollment activity - from the Office of the Registrar.  This hold is placed on all ISC student records while in the ISC.  This hold will stop you from making changes to your schedule on your own.  If you would like to add or drop a class from your schedule while you are in the ISC, please go to the ISC office at 396 S High St and meet with the Student Success Manager to discuss the change.  If the Student Success Manager approves, this hold will be removed temporarily to allow you to make the change. 
  • No initial registration - from University Studies.  This hold will be placed on ISC student records during their last semester in the ISC.  This hold indicates that the student must meet with the International Transfer Advising Coordinator before registering for their first semester's undergraduate classes at JMU. This hold will be removed when the student is allowed to enroll in undergraduate classes at JMU.  If you have questions about this hold, please contact the International Transfer Advising Coordinator.  
  • Positive Ser Indicator-Display - from the Office of International Programs.  This hold is supposed to be on your record.  It does nothing to your enrollment; it doesn’t stop you from doing anything like registering for classes.  It’s there to inform you and your advisor that you are an international student studying at JMU on a visa and that there are certain things you might do or discuss with offices around campus that may impact your immigration status.  If you ever have questions about how your academic decisions may impact your immigration status, contact the Office of International Programs - International Students and Scholar Services (OIP-ISSS).  
  • Do not print bill – from University Business Office.  This hold is to indicate that you pay tuition to Study Group while you are in the ISC.  After you successfully complete the ISC and matriculate to the JMU undergraduate program, this hold will be removed and you will begin paying your tuition directly to JMU. For more information on how to pay JMU tuition, contact the University Business Office.  


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