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(All contributions are tax deductible)

There are many ways to contribute to the Integrated Science and Technology Department and its programs.  Keep us up to date on where you are and what you are doing. If you come into town, let us know ahead of time, and spend some time with our students, sharing your work or life experiences in a class or student organization meeting. If you work near enough to Harrisonburg, think about hosting a class’s visit to your workplace.

Financial contributions are always appreciated. Below are some ideas.

Contribute to the Department

H14548 - ISAT Department 
This is a general fund for enrichment of student and faculty opportunities in the Department of Integrated Science & Technology.

25397 - ISAT Department Endowment 
This is a general endowment for the ISAT Department.  This endowment is used to support a range of activities and projects by the Department’s faculty and students.

Help Fund Student Projects

14530 - Student Project Fund
24856 – Undergraduate Research Support
These two accounts (Student Project and Undergraduate Research) support student capstone projects in all three undergraduate programs (BSISAT, GS, IA) in the ISAT Department. Many capstone projects rely critically on small-scale funding, which is often difficult to obtain from outside sources. This fund helps to provide some of these funds, which can enable projects that would otherwise not be possible. Funding to projects is competitive and is allocated on the basis of merit and impact. A gift to the annual expendable fund will have immediate impact on what we can support this year; a gift to the endowment will contribute indefinitely.

Give to the Geographic Science Program

14431 - Geographic Science 
This fund supports a range of activities and projects in the Geographic Science program, including faculty and student scholarship, educational endeavors, and various GS-related activities.

24925 -  Kari Zehner Memorial Endowment in Geographic Science
This endowment was established in the memory of Kari R. Zehner, a Meritorious Civilian Service Award recipient and geographer for the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity at Marine Corps Base Quantico, as well as a graduate of JMU ('92). A competitive-based award from the endowment is given to a Geographic Science major who has completed at least 30 credit hours and is returning for the following academic year.

Support the Intelligence Analysis Program

14537 - Intelligence Analysis Program 
This fund was established to provide general support of the Intelligence Analysis Program.  It can be used to support a range of educational and scholarly activities by students and faculty in the program.

25659 – John B. Noftsinger Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in the memory of Dr. John B. Noftsinger, Jr., a professor in ISAT and Vice Provost for Research and Public Service, as well as a graduate of JMU (’85).  He was an important advocate of the Intelligence Analysis program, fostering its early development and securing support for the program at both the state and federal levels.  The fund supports a scholarship in the IA program, which is given to an outstanding third or fourth-year student.  

Support the BSISAT Program

25731 - Richard Roberds Scholarship Endowment 
This Endowment supports the Richard M. Roberds Scholarship, which provides support annually for an outstanding undergraduate student scholar majoring in the Integrated Science & Technology program. The appointment of a student as a Richard M. Roberds Scholar follows the University’s guidelines for the awarding of scholarships.

25896 - Wolla Scholarship Endowment Fund
This fund supports a scholarship, awarded annually, for an outstanding undergraduate student scholar who is majoring in the Integrated Science and Technology program. The appointment of a student as a Maurice Wolla Scholar otherwise follows the University’s guidelines for the awarding of scholarships.

Support Renewal Energy Initiatives

14546 - Alternative Fuels 
This fund supports JMU’s Alternative Fuel Vehicle lab (AFV), which provides students with an opportunity to work directly on alternative-fuel vehicles.

14533 – Wind Energy 
This fund supports the Center for Wind Energy (CWE) at James Madison University. For the past twelve years, CWE has focused on research, education, and outreach to advance wind energy deployment by providing wind-related services to local governments, state agencies, landowners, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and academic and educational communities. These services include wind resource assessments, economic modeling, education & outreach, energy policy analysis, assessment of technical specifications, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis, all to support the strategic deployment of wind power throughout the Commonwealth. With the assistance of undergraduate and graduate students, we focus on research projects with national, regional, and local implications. Students have the opportunity to interact with many agents within the wind industry, and several of our CWE interns have gone on to jobs in the renewable energy industry.

Support Student Scholarships

15546 - ISAT Scholarships
This fund supports scholarships for students enrolled in the undergraduate programs in the ISAT Department.  This includes the Geographic Science program, the Integrated Science and Technology program, and the Intelligence Analysis program.

25437 - Gauldin '50 Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Established with a gift by Elizabeth Anne Gauldin '50 to provide scholarship support for undergraduate students who are engaged in scientific research and the study of science. In particular, this scholarship fund supports students with interests related to space education within the Department of Integrated Science and Technology. Each year scholarship funds will be provided to one outstanding undergraduate student scholar. 

25736 - Roop Scholarship 
Roop scholarships are made on a competitive basis to outstanding JMU students who are enrolled full-time and are majors in one of the programs in the Integrated Science and Technology Department. Preference may be given, but not limited to those students in the Merit Scholars program. Outstanding academic achievement will be determined by JMU. Recipients of the scholarship are selected by the ISAT Department.

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