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JMU Faculty International Development Grant

The JMU International Development Grant is administered by the oIP.  Grants will be reviewed and, if approved, awarded to instructional faculty, administrative faculty, professional and classified staff throughout the year on a competitive basis.

Procedures: Faculty International Development Grants


One copy of the following five items should be submitted:

  1. Completed application form - In addition to contact information, cost estimates, and supporting signatures of department chair and dean, a brief description of 10 to 20 words is requested. Examples:
    • collaborative research in neurobiology as part of an exchange program with Fudan University
    • present a paper at the 22nd international conference on technology transfer
    • support travel for Polish colleagues attending a JMU-sponsored conference on economic developments in Eastern Europe
    • establish a student exchange program with the University of New South Wales
    • archival research on medieval manuscripts at the Biblioteca Nacional.
    • hosting a visitor to the JMU campus.
  2. One- to two-page proposal - This should describe the proposed activities and the expected benefits to the individual and the university. If a proposal has already been developed for another funding source, it may be substituted for this requirement.
  3. Documentation of matching funds - Priority will be given to proposals for which there are matching funds from other university, external, or grant sources. Evidence of application for matching funds that have not yet been confirmed is acceptable. Personal contributions are not considered matching funds.
  4. Approved travel authorization - For domestic travel of more than $500, a completed travel authorization should be submitted to department head and/or signatory authority and the Provost; for international destinations of any amount, President Alger's approval is required.

NOTE: Where relevant and available, letters of invitation from foreign colleagues or conference organizers may be included with the application.

Evaluation of International Development Grants

Applications will be evaluated according to the priority of the activity supported, the role of the applicant in the project, the relation of the activity to the international character of the University, and in some cases the confirmation of matching funds. oIP awards will be made on the basis of the applicant's proposed research project, with consideration to the record of scholarly accomplishment. Applicants may be from any university unit, but the proposed research must be supported within the respective unit.

In order to support as many proposals as possible with current funding, IDG awards are limited to $500.

Faculty will generally not be awarded more than one grant in a 12-month period. The 12-month period begins on the travel departure date. Preference may be given to individuals who have not been previously supported by the program. The oIP usually supports only one request per department for a given conference. Notice of award will be made within two weeks of receipt of a completed grant application.

For more information and assistance with IDG proposals, please contact Felix Wang at 568-6273 or

The Application Form

Application forms are available on our web site (available here in Microsoft Word format).

Completed International Development Grant Applications should be submitted to the oIP at the following address:

Office of International Programs

James Madison University

MSC 5731

JMAC 6, Suite 22 

Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Be sure to keep a completed copy of the application for your records.

Financial Procedures

Once a grant has been awarded, information will be provided to the recipient on the process of making the funds available for spending.

Travel authorization: Grant recipients are responsible for timely preparation of a travel authorization to secure official approval. The recipient is responsible for submitting any reimbursement requests in a timely manner through his/her department, typically within a couple of weeks after return to the states. A copy of the signed travel authorization is required before the funds are made available. The OIP will consider grant proposals in advance of securing all approvals on the travel authorization, however, the award is contingent until such time as the copy is received in our office.

Reimbursement procedures: Standard university reimbursement policies apply. Please retain original receipts, canceled checks, and other expense detail to submit with the reimbursement voucher. In the case of matching funding, the department support person should help to complete the reimbursement voucher and split code the account information on the voucher.

Interdepartmental transfer: The grant award may be transferred to another university unit's account for disbursement prior to the travel, e.g. to purchase the plane ticket or to pre-pay for conference registration. In this case, the OIP will generate a budget revision.

Specific questions related to the processing of funds or required documents, please contact Felix Wang at 568-6273, or