James Madison University
Office of Institutional Research


Annual Summary of Accomplishments, 2000-01

Below are listed the accomplishments for the Office of Institutional Research for 2000-01. The results are listed by the University's Defining Characteristics and Goals. The data were extracted from JMU's new Planning Database that became functional in spring 2001.

Primary Characteristic/University Goal 12. The university will follow a planning process that emphasizes accountability and ties resource allocation and initiatives to the concepts of institutional effectiveness

Objective Description Assist with the development and implementation of the vision and objectives for the Division of Institutional Effectiveness
June Accomplishments OIR worked closely with the VP and AVP to assist with the development of the Planning Database and Reports of Institutional Effectiveness. The Planning Database has been praised by senior management. The ROIE were submitted to SCHEV on time. A performance measure database was developed by OIR to assist with ROIE and with maintaining a longitudinal record of JMU's accomplishments.

Objective Description Update OIR's 2000-01 Common Data Set on the Web.
June Accomplishments OIR's Common Data Set was posted onto OIR's web site in March, 2001. The CDS is used to create the following questionnaires: US News & World Report, Barron's, College Board, and several others. Seventy-four percent of respondents to the OIR annual survey agreed or strongly agreed that the database provided them with useful information.

Objective Description Complete the annual Statistical Summary with new tables as required.
June Accomplishments The annual Statistical Summary was completed in Web format in April, later than normal. The data for finances was not available until then. However, the tables were posted to the Web as soon as they became available. Since OIR only published 50 hard cover copies, most individuals get to the site via the Web. The Statistical Summary is heavily promoted via OIR's quarterly newsletter. Ninety-two percent of the respondents to the survey indicated that the Statistical Summary met or exceeded their expectations. Forty-three percent said that it exceeded expectations.

Objective Description Enhance data management capabilities by conducting a formal program review of OIR's data management processes.
June Accomplishments A JMU faculty member agreed to chair the program review team. The team met three times in the winter. A faculty member was assigned to analyze OIR's databases and make suggestions for improvement. However, the analysis has not yet been completed. This should be completed in the fall of 2001.

Objective Description Complete collection of information for the SACS Self-Study; coordinate all questionnaires; assist with development and maintenance of the SACS web site; develop an electronic library catalog; and assist with other activities as required.
June Accomplishments A significant amount of data were collected in 2000-01 and placed in the SACS online library catalog. The catalog is fully searchable and has links to many of the documents. Ninety-three percent of the respondents to the OIR survey felt that it was very important or important that OIR assist with the data collection. One hundred percent of the respondents believed that OIR met (N=25) or exceeded (N=16) expectations for this activity. The collection and analysis of the SACS surveys was the weakest portion of the data collection. However, the data are being analyzed and will be given to the SACS Principal Committees this summer for inclusion in the final report.

Objective Description Conduct a study of faculty using historical databases gathered since 1986.
June Accomplishments The faculty databases have been combined. The study has not been completed. It should be completed in fall 2001.

Objective Description Produce four Research Notes on important topics for the university community
June Accomplishments Four Research Notes were produced in 2000-01. - Faculty Activity Summary (October 2000) - Fall 2000 On-Campus Enrollment Summary (January 2001) - Faculty Salaries of JMU's Peer Group (May 2001) - Enrollment Projections At JMU (July 2001) Sixty-five percent of respondents to the OIR survey read the October newsletter. Eighty-two percent read the February newsletter. Seventy-nine percent read the May newsletter.

Objective Description Complete the development of a comprehensive institutional solution to the problems in maintaining the facilities inventory
June Accomplishments OIR and RP staff, Rosemary Brenner and Mack Moore, have developed a good working relationship in maintaining the inventory. The maintenance of the inventory with more than 12,000 records has become a full-time job, so the sharing of the inventory takes up about 50 percent for Rosemary and Mack. Chuck DeHart has been working with Rosemary and Mack to develop a searchable Web-based database for customers. It will be tested during the summer and should be made available to users in the fall.

Objective Description Assist with the development of university-wide performance measures, institutional portfolio, and Reports of Institutional Effectiveness for SCHEV.
June Accomplishments The Reports of Institutional Effectiveness have been sent to SCHEV. A performance measure database of JMU measures has been developed. ROIE measures have been placed on the OIR and IE Web sites. In the OIR annual survey, 88 percent of the respondents felt that the ROIE was at least of high importance. One hundred percent of the respondents felt that OIR met or exceeded expectations for this project.

Objective Description Complete all mandated reports and questionnaires accurately and on time
June Accomplishments All mandated reports were completed and submitted on time. Reports include: SCHEV reporting calendar, questionnaires, BOV financial book.

Objective Description Improve the usability of OIR's Web site by adding pages and studies as needed.
June Accomplishments OIR this year made several modifications to the Web site based upon feedback from the VP and other administrators. The information on peers was greatly expanded, other reports such as the BOV financial book were added, and facilities information was also added. Began work on displaying Web-searchable databases. Thirty-nine percent of the OIR annual survey respondents visit the site very frequently or frequently. The most useful sections are the Quick Facts and Figures, enrollment projections, and Statistical Summary. Of the 35 individuals who viewed the faculty salary peer information, only one found the information to not be useful. Of the 45 individuals who visited the Statistical Summary, only one found the information to not be useful. Three individuals made suggestions for additional data.

Objective Description Produce materials and conduct activities designed to increase the knowledge of the Office of Institutional Research activities.
June Accomplishments Statistics on the viewing of the newsletter were started with the May 2001 issue. In the first week more than 300 faculty, administrators, and staff viewed the newsletter. Overall, more than 350 individuals visited the May newsletter.

Objective Description Enhance JMU's 2000-01 peer group data on the Web.
June Accomplishments The respondents to the annual OIR survey indicated that 70 percent of the respondents visited the section on peers. Ninety-one percent of those who visited the site found it to be very useful or useful. This year OIR significantly added peer data to the web site. Information about peer graduation rates, salaries, retention rates, finances, financial aid, admissions, and student satisfaction were added to the web site. Also added links to the peers' undergraduate and graduate catalogs, and institutional research offices. No statistics on site visits were collected.

Primary Characteristic/University Goal 12. The university will follow a planning process that emphasizes accountability and ties resource allocation and initiatives to the concepts of institutional effectiveness

Develop a uniform process for reporting program and institutional accomplishments and progress toward goals. (IE)
Objective Description Assist with producing materials and conducting activities designed to increase the knowledge of the JMU planning process.
June Accomplishments More than 120 users are eligible to use the Planning Database. As of July 10 there are 540 objectives in the system. The PD to date has been promoted through the training and the Planning Advisory Council. During the summer OIR will work with the Vice President and AVP for Institutional Effectiveness, the Madison Media Lab, and University Relations to develop a planning Web site for visitors to the University to review the 2000-01 accomplishments and 2001-02 Goals and Objectives. A survey will be administered during October or November to gather perceptions about the PD and the visitor Web sites.

Primary Characteristic/University Goal 13. The university, through its planning process, will clearly align aspirations, wills and resources to achieve its goals

Objective Description Complete the Board of Visitors annual financial book.
June Accomplishments The BOV book was published in February. Sixteen (N=10) percent of the respondents to the survey read the book. Only one respondent disagreed that the document provides useful information about financing of higher education and about JMU's finances and expenditures. Two disagreed that the data are useful for decision making.

Objective Description Assist administrative and student support offices with self-studies through training and surveys.
June Accomplishments OIR is currently assisting Advising with a program review of its services. This will be completed in fall 2001. Eighty percent of the respondents to the annual OIR survey believe that this function is very important or important for OIR. One hundred percent of the respondents (N=32) believed that OIR meets (N=25) or exceeds expectations (7) in this area. OIR assisted with the following surveys in 2000-01: 1) SACS Surveys 2) Budget Office 3) Parking Services

Primary Characteristic/University Goal 14. The university will involve the entire campus community in a well-defined, consistently-used and commonly-understood process for planning and decision-making

Establish processes to communicate the institutionís vision, goals and objectives, decisions and accomplishments. (IE, UR)
Objective Description Develop the specifications, work with the developers, and train users in the new JMU Planning Database
June Accomplishments The database was released in May. During May and June many different offices of the university were trained. By the end of June more than 100 individuals were using the system with more than 500 objectives. A survey of users will be conducted in the fall as part of the evaluation of the planning process.