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Objective Example from the Planning Database

Primary Division/Department Student Affairs, University Planning and Analysis/Institutional Research
Date Range 7/1/2000 - 6/30/2005
Primary Contact Frank Doherty
Defining Characteristic The university will involve the entire campus community in a well-defined, consistently-used and commonly-understood process for planning and decision-making.
University Goal Establish processes to communicate the institution's vision, goals and objectives, decisions and accomplishments.
Objective Text Develop the specifications, work with the developers, and train users in the new JMU Planning Database.
Objective Changes The database contains the required data elements and functionality for integrating planning at JMU. It also meets SACS requirements for planning and evaluation. Individuals in all divisions of the university will use the system.
Objective Methods A survey of users will show that 90 percent or more will agree that the system contains the appropriate data elements and functionality. The President and division heads will agree that the system meets their needs. An analysis of users will show that there is widespread use of the system in all divisions.