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The list of buildings by number is also available.

Building No Building Name Address Abbreviation Type Use Owned/Leased
249 10 West Grace Street 10 West Grace Street 10WG Residential AUX OWNED
207 1050 S Main Street 1050 S Main Street MIKE Physical Plant EG OWNED
270 1070 Hillcrest Drive 1070 Hillcrest Drive 1070 Residential AUX OWNED
971 1070 Virginia Avenue (L0106) 1070 Virginia Avenue SMB Lease EG LEASED
160 1077 S Main Street 1077 South Main Street FH Academic EG OWNED
991 11 Bedford Place London, England 11 Bedford Place London, England 11BP Lease AUX LEASED
178 1150 S Main Street 1150 S Main Street WH Residential AUX OWNED
251 1210 S Main Street 1210 S Main Street 1210 Residential AUX OWNED
973 131 West Grace Street 131 West Grace Street WB Lease EG LEASED
992 14 Bedford Place London, England 14 Bedford Place London, England 14BP Lease AUX LEASED
984 1401 Technology Drive (L0113) 1401 Technology Drive TD Lease EG LEASED
244 1441 Butler Street 1441 Butler Street 1441 Athletic AUX OWNED
980 220 University Blvd (L0110) 220 University Blvd UNIV Lease EG LEASED
226 25 E Fairview 25 E Fairview 25EF Residential AUX OWNED
252 28 Port Republic Road 28 Port Republic Road 28PR Residential AUX OWNED
990 29 Summerlee Ave London, England 29 Summerlee Ave London, England 29SA Lease AUX LEASED
988 380 University Blvd. (L0117) 380 University Blvd SMPL Lease AUX LEASED
233 396 South High St (L0122) 396 South High Street 396S Lease EG LEASED
229 479 Eastover Drive 479 Eastover Drive 479E Residential AUX OWNED
205 483 Eastover Drive 483 Eastover Drive 483E Residential AUX OWNED
275 593 University Blvd (L0133) 593 University Blvd 593U Lease EG LEASED
280 605 Locust Hill 605 Locust Hill 605L Residential AUX OWNED
281 701 Locust Hill 701 Locust Hill 701L Residential AUX OWNED
279 709 Locust Hill 709 Locust Hill 709L Residential AUX OWNED
228 722 South Main Street East Apt 722 South Main Street 722E Residential AUX OWNED
230 722 South Main Street West Apt 722 South Main Street 722W Residential AUX OWNED
193 738 South Main Street 738 South Main Street 738S Administrative EG OWNED
273 940 Port Republic Road 940 Port Republic Road 940P Demolition AUX OWNED
274 944 Port Republic Road 944 Port Republic Road 944P Demolition AUX OWNED
197 948 Port Republic Road 948 Port Republic Road 948P Demolition AUX OWNED
247 960 Port Republic Road  960 Port Republic Road 960P Residential AUX OWNED
254 960 Port Republic Road FM Garage 960 Port Republic Road 960G Physical Plant EG OWNED
169 983 Reservoir Street  983 Reservoir  WMRA Radio EG OWNED
1 Alumnae Hall 91 Alumnae Dr. ALUM Administrative EG OWNED
2 Anthony-Seeger Hall  821 S. Main AS Academic EG OWNED
983 Antwerp, Belgium Antwerp, Belgium ANTW Lease EG LEASED
123 Arboretum Pavilion 700 University Blvd. AP Administrative EG OWNED
3 Ashby Hall 50 Bluestone Dr. ASHB Residential AUX OWNED
156 Athletic Field #2 (Support Building) Softball   AF2 Athletic AUX OWNED
131 Athletic Fields (Support Building) 510 Soccer Field Serv. Dr. AFSB Athletic AUX OWNED
65 Bell Hall 401 Cantrell Ave. BELL Residential AUX OWNED
227 Bioscience Building 951 Carrier Drive BIO Academic EG OWNED
945 Blue Ridge Hall  601 University Blvd. BLUE Academic EG OWNED
57 Bridgeforth Stadium 250 Champions Drive STDM Athletic AUX OWNED
5 Burruss Hall 820 Madison Dr. BURR Academic EG OWNED
268 Butterworth Loft Lease (Lease 130) 245 E Broadway Hopewell  BULL Lease EG  LEASED
190 Cantrell Parking Deck (3-level)  275 Cantrell Ave CPD Parking AUX OWNED
88 Cardinal House  500 Cardinal  CARD Academic EG OWNED
21 Carrier Library 880 Madison Dr. LIBR Library EG OWNED
145 Champions Drive Parking Deck 280 Champions Dr. CPD Parking AUX OWNED
53 Chandler Hall 451 Bluestone Dr. CHAN Residential AUX OWNED
39 Chappelear Hall 360 Carrier Dr. CHAP Residential AUX OWNED
143 Chesapeake Hall (CISAT R2) 1651 Carrier Dr. CHES Residential AUX OWNED
6 Cleveland Hall 61 E. Grace CLEV Academic EG OWNED
942 COB Outreach Services  (L54) 1598 South Main Street COBO Lease EG LEASED
7 Converse Hall 30 Bluestone Dr. CONV Residential AUX OWNED
64 Convocation Center  895 University Blvd. CONC Athletic AUX OWNED
43 Dingledine Hall 221 Ikenberry Serv. Dr. DING Residential AUX OWNED
180 Driver Drive Modular Building 1151 Driver Drive DDM Administrative EG OWNED
174 Driver Drive Modular Building 2 1151 Driver Drive DDM2 Academic EG OWNED
210 Driver Drive Modular Building 3 1151 Driver Drive DDM3 Administrative EG OWNED
8 Duke Hall 820 S. Main DUKE Academic EG OWNED
44 Eagle Hall 231 Champions Dr EAGL Residential AUX OWNED
209 East Campus Dining Hall 1681 Carrier Drive ECDH Dining AUX OWNED
269 Eastover Athletic Shed 494 Eastover Dr EAS Athletic EG OWNED
201 Estes Center-Theatre & Dance 147 Warsaw Ave. PAC Academic EG OWNED
128 Festival Conference and Student Center 1301 Carrier Dr. FCSC Dining AUX OWNED
204 Frances Plecker Education Center  780 University Bldv. FPEC Administrative EG OWNED
10 Frederikson Hall 980 Frederikson Serv. Dr. FRED Residential AUX OWNED
20 Frye Building 91 Bluestone Dr. FRYE Administrative EG OWNED
42 Garber Hall 201 Ikenberry Serv. Dr. GARB Residential AUX OWNED
11 Gibbons Hall   150 Bluestone Dr. GIBB Dining AUX OWNED
12 Gifford Hall 20 Bluestone Dr. GIFF Residential AUX OWNED
48 Godwin Hall 261 Bluestone Dr. GODW Athletic AUX OWNED
132 Godwin Hall Bus Shelter 201 Bluestone Drive GHBS Administrative EG OWNED
243 Golf Turf Building 251 Port Republic Rd GTB Athletic AUX OWNED
135 Grace Street House  17 W. Grace  GSH Academic EG OWNED
177 Grace Street Modular 81 W. Grace GSM Physical Plant EG OWNED
191 Grace Street Parking Deck (7-level)  258 E Grace Street GSPD Parking AUX OWNED
70 Grafton-Stovall Theatre 281 Warren Serv. Dr. GST Movie Theatre AUX OWNED
38 Hanson Hall 350 Carrier Dr. HANS Residential AUX OWNED
13 Harrison Hall 54 Bluestone Dr. HARR Academic EG OWNED
144 Health & Human Services Bldg. ( A2) 801 Carrier Dr. HHS Academic EG OWNED
286 Health Services Building To Be Constructed   Construction EG OWNED
15 Hillcrest 251 Warren Serv. Dr. HILL Academic EG OWNED
212 Hillcrest Annex 257 Warren Serv. Dr. HILX Administrative AUX OWNED
80 Hillside Hall 290 Warren Serv. Dr. HLSD Residential AUX OWNED
16 Hoffman Hall 71 Bluestone Dr. HOFF Residential AUX OWNED
14 Huffman Hall 200 Huffman Serv. Dr. HUFF Residential AUX OWNED
50 Ikenberry Hall 210 Ikenberry Serv. Dr. IKEN Residential AUX OWNED
127 ISAT/CS Building (CISAT A1) 701 Carrier Dr. ISAT Academic EG OWNED
17 Jackson Hall 58 Bluestone Dr. JACK Academic EG OWNED
152 James Madison Administrative Complex 1 1021 S. Main JMA1 Administrative EG OWNED
168 James Madison Administrative Complex 2 1017 Harrison  JMA2 Administrative EG OWNED
946 James Madison Administrative Complex 4 1015 Harrison JMA4 Administrative EG OWNED
952 James Madison Administrative Complex 5 1041 S. Main JMA5 Administrative EG OWNED
930 James Madison Administrative Complex 6 1031 Harrison Street JMA6 Administrative EG OWNED
18 Johnston Hall 70 Alumnae Dr. JOHN Academic EG OWNED
19 Keezell Hall 921 Madison Dr. KEEZ Academic EG OWNED
58 Lake Cluster A (A,B,C,D) 1201 Greek Row LCA Residential AUX OWNED
59 Lake Cluster B  (E,F,G,H) 1190 Greek Row LCB Residential AUX OWNED
60 Lake Cluster C  (J,K)  1150 Greek Row LCC Residential AUX OWNED
61 Lake Cluster D  (L,M,N) 1100 Greek Row LCD Residential AUX OWNED
78 Lake Cluster E  (P,R) 1291 Greek Row LCE Residential AUX OWNED
79 Lake Cluster F  (S,T) 1251 Greek Row LCF Residential AUX OWNED
147 Leeolou Alumni Center 2002 Alumni Dr LAC Administrative EG OWNED
23 Logan Hall 70 Bluestone Dr. LOGN Residential AUX OWNED
110 Madison Connection Pavilion   1101 Driver Dr. MCP Administrative EG OWNED
188 Madison Hall 100 E. Grace MADI Construction EG OWNED
176 Massanutten Hall 1031 S. Main MASS Administrative EG OWNED
108 Mauck Stadium  761 Duke's Dr. MS Athletic AUX OWNED
24 Maury Hall  971 Madison Dr. MAUR Academic EG OWNED
66 McGraw-Long Hall 421 Cantrell Ave. MCLG Residential AUX OWNED
218 Memorial  Baseball Stadium 270 Veterans Memorial Dr MBS Athletic AUX OWNED
222 Memorial  Concession Bldg. 250 Veterans Memorial Dr MCB Dining AUX OWNED
219 Memorial Baseball RR Bldg 260 Veterans Memorial Dr MBRB Athletic AUX OWNED
972 Memorial Hall 395 S. High MEMH Academic EG OWNED
223 Memorial Hall Arts Complex 251 Veterans Memorial Dr MHAC Academic EG OWNED
276 Memorial Hall Geology Annex 235 Veterans Memorial Dr. MHGA Academic EG OWNED
974 Memorial Hall Greenhouse  239 Veterans Memorial Dr MHGH Physical Plant EG OWNED
978 Memorial Hall Outfield Bldg. 220 Veterans Memorial Dr MHOB Athletic AUX OWNED
221 Memorial Softball RR Bldg 240 Veterans Memorial Dr MSRB Athletic AUX OWNED
220 Memorial Softball Stadium 230 Veterans Memorial Dr MSS Athletic AUX OWNED
55 Miller Hall 91 E. Grace MILL Academic EG OWNED
231 Mini Stor (Lease 120) 190 E. Mosby Rd. M120 Lease EG LEASED
232 Mini Stor (Lease 121) 190 E. Mosby Rd. M121 Lease EG LEASED
246 Mini Stor (Lease 126) 190 E Mosby Rd M126 Lease EG LEASED
265 Mini Stor (Lease 127) 190 E Mosby Rd M127 Lease EG LEASED
250 Mini Stor (Lease 128) 190 E Mosby Rd L128 Lease EG LEASED
935 Mini Stor (Lease 37) 190 E. Mosby Rd. MS37 Lease EG LEASED
948 Mini Stor (Lease 58) 190 E. Mosby Rd. MS58 Lease EG LEASED
949 Mini Stor (Lease 61) 211 E. Mosby Rd. MS61 Lease EG LEASED
955 Mini Stor (Lease 83) 190 & 211 E. Mosby Rd. MS83 Lease EG LEASED
956 Mini Stor (Lease 84) 190 & 211 E. Mosby Rd. MS84 Lease EG LEASED
962 Mini Stor (Lease 91)    MS91 Lease EG LEASED
964 Mini Stor (Lease 98)   MS98 Lease EG LEASED
968 Mini Stor (Lease L0111) 190 E. Mosby Rd. L111 Lease EG LEASED
985 Mini Stor (Lease L114) 190 E. Mosby Rd. L114 Lease EG LEASED
986 Mini Stor (Lease L115) 190 E. Mosby Rd. L115 Lease EG LEASED
267 Mini Stor Lease (Lease 129) 190 E Mosby Rd M129 Lease EG LEASED
271 Mini Stor Lease (Lease 131) 190 E Mosby Rd M131 Lease EG LEASED
186 Montpelier Hall 235 Cantrell Ave. MONT Academic EG OWNED
25 Moody Hall 90 Bluestone Dr. MOOD Academic EG OWNED
102 Motor Pool Alternative Fuel Building 1595 S. Main MPAF Physical Plant EG OWNED
199 Motor Pool Garage 1603 S. Main MPG Physical Plant EG OWNED
9 Mr. Chips Convenience Store 190 Bluestone Dr. CS Dining AUX OWNED
100 Music Building 880 S. Main MUS Academic EG OWNED
198 Newman Drive Telecom Building 1016 Newman Dr. NDT Administrative AUX OWNED
63 Oakview  916 Oak Hill Dr. OAKV Residential AUX OWNED
982 Palazzo Capponi Florence, Italy Florence, Italy PCFI Lease EG LEASED
67 Phillips Hall 261 Warren Serv. Dr. PHIL Dining AUX OWNED
148 Physics/Chemistry(CISAT A3a) 901 Carrier Dr. PCB Academic EG OWNED
158 Plecker Athletic Performance Center 220 Champions Dr PAPC Athletic AUX OWNED
141 Potomac Hall (CISAT R1) 1621 Carrier Dr. PMAC Residential AUX OWNED
27 Power Plant 1010 Newman Dr. PWRP Physical Plant EG OWNED
272 RMH Voice & Swallowing Center (Lease 132) 2010 Health Campus Drive L132 Lease EG LEASED
989 Roanoke Higher Education Center (L0118) 108 N. Jefferson Roanoke RHEC Lease EG LEASED
213 Roberts Center-Music Recital Hall 871 S. Main MRH Academic EG OWNED
255 Rockingham Cooperative Grounds Bldg 573 Chesapeake Drive RCGB Physical Plant EG OWNED
943 Rockingham Hall 605 Port Republic Road Rd. ROCK Residential AUX OWNED
62 Roop Hall 60 Bluestone Dr. ROOP Academic EG OWNED
183 Rose Library 1251 Carrier Dr. ROSE Library EG OWNED
29 Sheldon Hall 71 Alumnae Dr. SHEL Academic EG OWNED
208 Shenandoah Hall (CISAT R3 Residence Hall) 1671 Carrier Drive SHEN Residential AUX OWNED
41 Shorts Hall 440 Lakeside Service Dr SHOR Residential AUX OWNED
170 Solar Panel Control Building 601 Carrier Drive SPCB Academic EG OWNED
113 Sonner Hall 481 Bluestone Dr. SONH Administrative EG OWNED
101 South Main Dining Services Warehouse  1593 S. Main DSWH Dining AUX OWNED
103 South Main Storage Building #1  1597 S. Main SB1 Physical Plant EG OWNED
126 South Main Storage Building #2 (Recycling) 15951/2 S. Main SB2 Physical Plant EG OWNED
31 Spotswood Hall 51 Alumnae Dr. SPOT Residential AUX OWNED
192 Steam Plant North Campus 268 Warren Service Drive NCSP Physical Plant EG OWNED
182 Student Success Center 738 S Mason Street SSC Construction EG OWNED
961 Studio Center (L92/103) 106 W. Grace SC Lease EG LEASED
133 Taylor Hall 285 Warren Serv. Dr. TAYL Administrative AUX OWNED
189 The Annex North Campus 725 S. Mason ANNE Academic EG OWNED
957 The Health Place (Lease 87) 294 E. Main  Stanley, VA HP87 Lease EG LEASED
69 Transmitter Shack L12 Little North Mtn. TS Lease EG LEASED
240 United Way Building 420 Chesapeake Ave UWB Lease EG OWNED
159 University Bookstore 211 Bluestone Dr. BOOK Retail AUX OWNED
68 University Farm House   8399 Alumnae Dr. Port Republic 24471Road #331, off Rt. 659 UFH Academic EG OWNED
109 University Farm Pavilion   8398 Alumnae Dr. Port Republic 24471Road #331, off Rt. 659 UFP Academic EG OWNED
261 University Park-Athletic Stadium 1085 Neff Ave UPAS Athletic AUX OWNED
259 University Park-Athletics Gatehouse 1855 Performance Dr UPAG Athletic AUX OWNED
260 University Park-Athletics Pavilion 1045 Neff Ave UPAP Athletic AUX OWNED
264 University Park-North Facilities Mgt Bldg 1285 Kelsey Lane UPNF Physical Plant AUX OWNED
263 University Park-South Facilities Mgt Bldg 1285 Kelsey Lane UPSF Physical Plant AUX OWNED
257 University Park-UREC Gatehouse 1090 Devon Lane UPUG Athletic AUX OWNED
258 University Park-UREC Pavilion 1875 Performance Dr UPUP Athletic AUX OWNED
130 University Recreation Center   701 Driver Dr. UREC Recreational AUX OWNED
129 University Services Building  181 Patterson USB Administrative EG OWNED
224 University Turf Building 837 Univesity Blvd. TURF Recreational AUX OWNED
33 Varner House 80 Bluestone Dr. VARN Student Services EG OWNED
118 Wampler Hall 10 Bluestone Dr. WAMP Residential AUX OWNED
46 Warren Hall 170 Bluestone Dr. WARR Administrative AUX OWNED
196 Warsaw Avenue Parking Deck 157 Warsaw Ave. WAPD Parking AUX OWNED
34 Wayland Hall 51 Bluestone Dr. WAYL Residential AUX OWNED
47 Weaver Hall 400 Carrier Dr. WEAV Residential AUX OWNED
52 White Hall 480 Carrier Drive WHIT Residential AUX OWNED
36 Wilson Hall 951 Madison Dr. WILS Administrative EG OWNED
266 Wind Training Facility 1150 Carrier Dr. WTF Academic EG OWNED
56 Wine-Price  North Campus 752 Ott  WP Administrative EG OWNED
112 Zane Showker Hall 421 Bluestone Dr. ZSH Academic EG OWNED

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