Citizens' Guides

As a way to thank the Congressmen who have helped with our funding, IIIA releases a new citizens' guide each year on an issue of homeland security that directly affects our Shenandoah Valley residents.

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Protecting Ourselves

A Rural Citizen's Guide for Emergency Preparedness

Protecting Ourselves:
Communication Plan Magnet
Dealing with Stress Brochure
A Disaster Guide for Pet Owners
4-Step Disaster Preparation Guide
Kid's Guide to Emergency Planning
A Checklist for People with Mobility Problems

Spanish Guide

Preparing and Protecting Ourselves

Designed specifically for the Hispanic community in Virginia and based on the Rural Guide for Emergency Preparedness, this guide adds additional public health information and guidance.

Preparing and Protecting Ourselves: A Guide for the Hispanic Community
Communication Plan




Cyber Citizenship Educators Edition

Cyber Citizenship

This project is organi zed around the way a middle-schooler uses the internet: surfing for homework, connecting with frie nds through social networks and chats, gaming, email, and so on. Safety, security and ethical issues are interwoven through each section.The Educator's Handbook offers suggestions based on IT Resource Teachers' (ITRT) experience and the Virginia Department of Education Guidelines. For more information on VDOE guideslines for the Virginia law, visit the VDOE website.

CyberCitz for Educators
CyberCitz Posters
CyberCitz Flier