Building an email using a template

1. Create new email: one time custom email
One time custom email
2. Fill out the Email Details, Choose “Save & Continue”.

3. Choose a layout. “Mobile Ready Single Column w/ Header & Footer” or “Mobile Ready 2 Column w/ Header & Footer”. Now you can see the template options. Choose the template you would like to use and click “save and continue.”

Choose template

5. Now you can add your content to the template.

6. When you are done editing, click “save and continue”. You’re almost done, send a preview of the message and review carefully. Once approved and all edits are done you may upload your recipient list, schedule the email, and release. Remember, you must schedule the email 3 business days in advance of the send time, and release.

Email templates

Announcement template content blocks

  • Header
  • Hero image
  • Main body block
  • Invitation format block
  • Purple & Yellow CTA buttons
  • Footer

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Newsletter template content blocks

  • Header
  • Hero image
  • Main body block
  • Purple CTA button
  • Title
  • News block image top
  • News block image left
  • Post script (can be moved to top for a pre-script)
  • Footer

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Newsletter RSS template content blocks

  • Header
  • Pre-header
  • RSS - Main story image
  • Main body block
  • RSS - Feed blocks
  • Post script (can be moved to top for a pre-script)
  • Footer

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Editing the template content blocks

edit email header

1. Insert your graphic or mark:

  • Set image height to 65px
  • Align left
  • Set padding right to 15px
  • Add alt-text
  • Hyperlink the logo to appropriate site

2. Change the header's title

Main body block (text)
edit text in block

1. Insert your content. Use the "Paste Plain Text" option to strip away any formatting.

2. Format your text.

  • Heading 1 for headlines
  • Heading 2 for subheads, secondary headlines and News Block titles
  • Use "normal" for paragraphs
Main image
edit main image

Replace the image and add alt-text

  • Upload images at actual size, if they are bigger it can make the email size too big to send
  • Image should be 570px wide (5:3 proportion at 72ppi)
  • Don't use images that have a lot of text in them, this must be added to the alt-text and can become hard to read on smaller devices
News block - image left

news block image left1. Paste text.

2. Replace the image. The image should be 262px wide.

News block - image top

news block image top1. Paste text.

2. Replace the image. The image should be 262px wide. Set image-alignment to "top", add alt-text and insert.

CTA button

edit button1. Select the text and click the hyperlink tool.

2. In the hyperlink manager: past the URL, change the link text, then click OK to insert.


edit footer1. Add your contact info and links.

2. Change the social media icons if necessary. Add hyperlinks to each icon. 

Working with saved content blocks
Moving and deleting blocks
move and delete blocks
  1. Click and drag the green arrow icon to move a content block. 
  2. Click the red X to remove a content block.
To add an additional content block to your email:
  1. Go to "Add Saved Content — Editable" and drag to where you want the content to be placed in the email.
  2. In the pop-up window, choose your content block from the listing on the left. Then click "Load Content".
  3. Edit the content by clicking the pencil icon. Save your changes and load the content.

add content block

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