Email Details

* YA= Young Alumni OA= Old Alumni FAC=Faculty/Staff STU=Students ALL=everyone

Style, recipients, links, etc.
  • Do all the hyperlinks work?
  • Do all images have alt text and long descriptions?
  • Are any fonts inconsistent? (From copying from a Word doc, etc)
  • View the email in a browser and resize your window to be as small as a mobile browser. Does the interface respond and is it still readable?
  • Does your email contain tokens such as ##First Name##? If so, are you 100% sure that every recipient has a valid value for that token? Really? Didn't think so. Don't use tokens then :) - If you MUST use tokens, then it will require a data audit for every record in the send.  This process would include Barry King, and the work would have to be scheduled and prioritized appropriately.
  • If there is an event link or give link:
    • does the form have identity checkpoint turned on?
    • pre-populate checked?
    • was the link generated using the hyperlink builder?
  • Does the email follow the Style Guide?
  • Are there any hyperlinks that are non-jmu urls? If so, hide them behind hyperlinked text. It's ok to show urls though, as long as they're not really long and ugly.
  • Did you check that every appeal code is correct?
  • Does the notification email go to the appropriate listserv?
  • If you used a csv recipient list:
    • Does the first column have emails?
    • Does the second column have first names?
    • Does the third column have last names?
    • Are you sure the recipient list contains the actual people that need to receive the email?

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