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4C: Campus Community Civic Collaborative

The 4C Initiative is the partnership between James Madison University's Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue and the Fairfield Center in downtown Harrisonburg. The 4C Initiative acts primarily to train  passionate and impartial facilitators who are available to meet needs for designing and facilitating productive conversations on challenging and often value-laden issues on campus and in the community.

Our 4C Mission

To advocate for, create spaces for, and facilitate the kinds of public conversations that allow communities and organizations to move forward on tough issues.

Connecting with 4C

Community Groups and Organizations

If you have a need to bring together diverse individuals to grapple with a difficult issue, we can help. We will sit down and help you identufy your needs, do some reseach about the issue and design a facilitated process that can help meet your needs, whether you need to promote understanding about an issue, encourage deliberation about various potential courses of action, or encourage grassroots action. 4C accepts donations for these services to cover materials, supplies, and the ongoing efforts of the initiative.

Interested in helping facilitate conversations and infusing new models of positive, productive talk into our public sphere?

JMU students can become facilitators by enrolling in SCOM 447: Facilitating Public Engagement Processes taught each Fall. This three-credit course offers students theoretical foundations of dilaogue and deliberation as well as hands on training and practice in facilitating community conversations.

Community members interested in becoming facilitators can contact the 4C staff about upcoming training sessions offered to build our community's capacity for productive talk. Training workshops are offered once a year.

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