Aflac Supplemental Insurance

How is Aflac different from health insurance?

Major medical pays for doctors, hospitals and prescriptions. Aflac pays cash directly to you, unless otherwise assigned, to help with daily expenses due to an illness or accident.

What plans does Aflac offer?

Aflac offers pre-tax benefit plans: accident, cancer, intensive care, critical care and hospital protection. Short-term disability is an after-tax benefit that is offered as well.

When can I enroll in Aflac?

You can enroll in Aflac initially upon hire or during the open enrollment period. You can enroll in the short-term disability plan at any time since this is an after-tax benefit.

How do I enroll in Aflac?

You will need to contact the Aflac representative directly.

If I have another insurance source will Aflac still pay me?

Yes, when you are sick or hurt, Aflac pays cash benefits directly to you to help you and your family with unexpected expenses. The benefits are predetermined and paid regardless of any other insurance you may have.

Do I have to use the Aflac cash benefit for specific expenses?

You can use your Aflac benefits check as you see fit. You can use the benefit to help pay for groceries, child care or rent; it’s totally up to you.

If I were too separate employment, can I keep my Aflac policy?

Yes, your Aflac policy is yours. You own it. Even if you change jobs or retire, you can continue your Aflac policy.

How long does it take Aflac to process a claim?

Aflac processes claims quickly, usually within four days.

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