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On Thursday, September 20, Balanced Dukes invites you to attend the JMU Wellness Fair. The event will be held at the Festival Conference and Student Center from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  Be sure to come to the Wellness Fair this year for the following services:

  • Flu Shots (please be prepared to provide your health insurance card)
  • Wellness screenings provided by JMU Nursing students – available from 12-2
  • VA Blood Services blood drive - register at 
  • Hearing Screenings provided by JMU Communication Sciences & Disorders

A continously updated list of vendors may be found here.

Transportation provided courtesy of JMU Transportation may be found here. 


Check out the class offerings below.  Please register for your sessions using this link.

Holistic Self Wellness
Cedar Stone Day Spa


Skincare 101
Access Dermatology

This class will go through the basic skin anatomy, skin analysis, skincare, and products such as suncreen, moisturizer, and eye cream. We’ll also be looking at antiaging treatments, skin cancer, and hair.


Women's Health
Employee Assistance Program

In this class for women, we will discuss leading causes of illness and death in women. Focusing on how to prevent or manage major health conditions, you’ll review scheduling of important screenings.


How Healthy is Your Gut
Healing Touch 

Do you suffer with skin problems, mood swings, or allergies? How about anxiety, excess weight, or frequent infections? Maybe your gut has more to do with these things than you realize! Let's talk about some signs and symptoms of an unhealthy gut and some ways that you can help alleviate these issues!


Intro to Ballroom Dancing
Dancing with Karen

Do you watch Dancing with the Stars and think, “I wish I knew how to dance”?  If so, you will want to attend Introduction to Ballroom, presented by Dancing with Karen.  Learn some basic dance steps, and get some fun exercise in as a bonus!


Men's Health
Employee Assistance Program

In this class, we will look at the leading causes of illness and death for men, and how men’s health is different. Learn risk factors, what screenings should be part of a man’s health routine and how to find a doctor.


Introduction to Iridology: What do your eyes reveal?
Herbal Wisdom

“The eyes are the windows of the soul”. This class is a basic introduction to the science of Iridology. During this class you will gain a basic understanding of the Iris and locations of different systems in the body, as well as strengths and weakness as they relate to the Iris. You will also have an opportunity to “Read” each others eyes, so this will be a fun, interactive and informative class! Supplies needed: Please bring a pen light or you may use your cell phone if you have a flashlight app. Also, Please bring a magnifying glass if you have one.


Personal Training Informational Session

Learn more about personal training at UREC and its offerings as well as get a chance to ask any questions you may have.



Join UREC’s Faculty Staff Yoga instructor for a 45 minute class to give you a feel for what is offered in our normal sessions at Memorial Hall. 


Acupuncture 101
Shen Dao Clinic

We will start with a short introduction to the history, theory, and application of various Chinese Medicine modalities. After the lecture and a brief question and answer session, we will practice some gentle Qigong exercises that enhance vitality and function of the mind and body. 


Eldercare 101
Employee Assistance Program

It’s common for one family member to be the only caregiver for an older relative. But this can cause frustration and make you tired — both physically and emotionally. This seminar will teach you how to create a family approach to caregiving. We will discuss how your family can work together as caregivers. Learn ways to fix problems and handle fights with siblings, other family members and older relatives.


Change or Rearrange: Feng shui it!
Employee Assistance Program

Sometimes the path to inner peace is in our surroundings. Learn the ancient Chinese art of feng shui. It works by removing clutter and creating easy flow in your surroundings — promoting an environment that contributes to well-being.


Why Posture Matters
Nieder Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, Inc.

What are the key benefits of improving your posture? Why does a correct breathing pattern help improve your overall health? Join us to learn the answers to these two questions and more!


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