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Work Life Integration:  The Privilege of the Puzzle (presented by Laura Toni-Holsinger, Executive Director, United Way of Harrisonburg & Rockingham County)

What are we really looking for?  Whether it’s balance, effective juggling or integrating all aspects of our life, it can seem like a puzzle with ever-changing pieces.  Committing to a holistic puzzle with our available resources is the first step.  But what about when we each have access to different resources?  Whether you are leading others or supporting your peers, we all have a role to play.  How can you take the next step to nurture each piece of your puzzle?



Building Trust & Transparency for a More Balanced Life (presented by Cassidy Lawson)

Trust in the work environment is crucial to effective communication, well-being and productivity. However, sometimes trust can be compromised by a variety of different reasons such as politics, personal conflict, and timing which can lead to an environment of distrust among colleagues. In the small book, The Thin Book of Trust, Charles Feltman says that trust boils down to four things; sincerity, reliability, competence and care. Do you find others fit this criteria? Do others consider you trustworthy? How can you communicate to someone that you want to trust them, even if they don't fit the criteria? Come to this session to learn lessons from Charles Feltman, such as how to build strong relationships with others, repair trust when it's been broken and being consistent in your actions and language.

Waking Up: Timely Lifestyle Changes (presented by Merrie McFadden)

After a health scare, Merrie McFadden had to examine her life choices. Since then, she's lost over 120lbs., started a new position in her department, and is happier, healthier, and more productive! Merrie will share her story and the steps she took to turn her life around.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Knitting (presented by Kristin Knapp)

Just as knitting creates strong, resilient and flexible fabric, the process of knitting has the potential to create strong, resilient and flexible people. 

What’s so special about knitting? Any activity a person enjoys will generally benefit their sense of wellbeing, however, knitting has a unique combination of characteristics that offer psychological and physical benefits. 

 Come hear how Kristin “knit herself back together” during a particularly stressful time in her life and how you can join the knitting for health and wellness movement by joining others in workshops and a social knitting group on campus.


Hats That Never Sleep (presented by Breyette Covington)

Faculty & staff who are also parents of young children wear two sets of competing hats for two sets of jobs, which are perhaps never completed to perfection. This session will present a panel of JMU faculty who are also parents of young children to share stories of their experience balancing and juggling work and life. Time will also be set aside for deep listening and sharing around these important issues.

Free from Work?  Work for Free.  Envisioning Volunteerism (presented by Lisa Schick & Michelle Cude)

Volunteering is a rewarding way to engage with community outside the workplace to achieve a more balanced life. Join Lisa Schick and Michelle Cude to explore ways to utilize your professional skills, apply your talents, cultivate your interests, integrate teaching and service, meet new people, and engage with the local and global communities. This session will introduce you to meaningful volunteer opportunities, guide you to envision yourself as a volunteer, assist you in identifying health and personal benefits, and empower you to take steps toward a more balanced life.

Success or Burnout:  Avoiding FOMO and Other Traps (presented by Michael McCleve)

Success is a choice. Burnout just happens. When we live in FOMO - the fear of missing out - we are making choices to do things we really didn't want to do, but usually didn't know better until it was too late. In this session we'll explore what brain scientists are learning about this and other traps we fall into that prevents us from experiencing the success we want.

This interactive and engaging session will get you up, out of your seat, talking with others, and being actively involved in learning how to make the right choices for success and avoiding the mistakes that lead to burnout. Join us to learn:
* The 1 key factor for making all the right choices
* Why your brain is naturally wired for burnout and how you can re-wire it for success
* How to use 4 simple boxes to change the way you make decisions
* The 2 critical actions you must take to create a track record of making the right decisions

Choose success. Avoid burnout. Attend this session to learn how.

Caregiving for Caregivers (presented by Kathy Guisewite)

Caregivers often put themselves on the backburner as they tend to the needs of others.  But as we all know, if we don't care for ourselves, we will not be able to care for our loved ones effectively.  This session will provide tips and tools to ensure that as a caregiver, you are taking care of YOU.

Meaningful Work:  Recognizing your Monday Hues and How You Can be on Vacation for Life! (presented by Anjali Mishra)

What makes work meaningful? Employee engagement is vital both at the level of individual job satisfaction and for organizational success. Employee engagement can be defined as a positive and rewarding work-related mindset expressed by energy, vigor, absorption, efficacy, involvement, and dedication (Maslach, Schaufeli, & Leiter, 2001). The positive behaviors at work emerge from a combination of positive social cognitions and emotions such as a sense of meaningfulness from the work and supportive workplace relationships. Vital cognitive and affective tendencies that can help foster enhanced productivity at work will be discussed (Example: WAMI; Steger, Dik, & Duffy, 2012). We spend at least five days a week and most of our daylight waking hours of multiple decades engaged in some pursuit of work. Considered carefully, one way of sustaining long-term happiness is to cultivate positive work. Because when you love what you do for a living, you are on vacation for life!

Sometimes the Best Care is Self-Care (presented by Kristina Blyer)

Have you ever had a cold or sore throat and wondered what the best treatment was? Have you paid for a medical visit and been told that you had a virus? Many common illnesses are self-limited which means they are healed by the body's immune system and can be treated at home without seeing a medical provider. This type of illness is often referred to as needing to "run its course" and taking prescription medications, like antibiotics, may do more harm than good. During this presentation we will discuss common self-limited illnesses, self-care for symptoms, ways to limit spread to others and understanding when to seek care from a medical provider. Information on self-care resources will also be provided.

Balance and Breakthroughs through Listening (presented by Kai Degner)

Life comes fast. The pace of information, team-based collaboration, endless meetings, and busy schedules creates opportunities for misinformation, misunderstandings, and wasted time. We can fix feelings of overwhelm and stress for ourselves and others by practicing a specific type of listening.

Breakthrough Listening is a communications approach designed to leave others feeling heard and understood. The intended result is higher-quality interactions that lead to trust and productivity.

Come to this session to learn practical techniques and new ways to manage the many interactions we have. Bring a specific personal or professional challenge or circumstance where you would like to have a breakthrough, and develop a plan to achieve a Listening Breakthrough.

Breakthrough Listening is designed by Kai Degner, and is informed by his experiences starting the OrangeBand Initiative, moderating hundreds of community dialogues, serving as an elected official in Harrisonburg, & leading teams.






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