Work-Life Balance and Wellness

Helping our employees reach a blend of personal satisfaction in four core areas, Work, Family, Community, and Self, in pursuit of a meaningful quality of life.

- Mission of the Work-Life Balance and Wellness Council

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  • Apr 26: Emerging Leaders (TD1049)
  • May 15: DMV Connect on Campus
  • May 15: Forest Bathing (TD2298)
  • May 22: Retirement 101: Understanding Your VRS Retirement (TD1212)
  • Jun 19: Little Red Corvette (TD2288)
  • Jun 20: Little Red Corvette 2.0 (TD2289)
  • Jun 22: Getting Your ZZZZZ's - CommonHealth (TD2260)
  • Jun 28: HR Document Retention (TD2273)
  • Jul 12: DMV Connect on Campus
  • Jul 26: Performance Management Information Session (TD1181)
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