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To bring visible awareness to these issues, The Well offers many events throughout these months to educate our community on ways we can prevent these issues, support those who have experienced them, and learn more.

Event Calendar


20 - Fall Sextacular

October - Domestic Violence Awareness Month

9 - Red Flag Campaign: Escalation Workshop

15 - Red Flag Campaign: Nonviolent Communication

17 - Red Flag Campaign: Film screening – WMM: A Better Man

23 - Real Talk: Alcohol & Sex

TBD - Red Flag Campaign: Tea Time (OSAI)

TBD - Red Flag Campaign: Open Mic Night (OSAI)

January - Stalking Awareness Month

14 - Real Talk: Stalking

February - Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

12 or 14 - Spring Sextacular

20 - Real Talk: Alcohol & Sex

TBD - Escalation Workshop


20 - Real Talk: What is Rape Culture?

April - Sexual Assault Awareness Month

2 - SAAM: Film screening – WMM: Faces of Harassment

4 - SAAM: Take Back the Night Speak Out

10 - SAAM: Men in Power panel

TBD - SAAM: Tea Time (OSAI)

TBD - SAAM: Open Mic Night (OSAI)

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