The University Health Center's central location for health education and outreach is The Well; located on the first floor of the Student Success Center.

Using evidence-based, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate methods, The Well addresses relevant college health topics such as positive body image and eating disorders awareness, sexual health, healthy relationships, sexual violence education/prevention/advocacy, healthy masculinity, and alcohol and other drug prevention/intervention/recovery

To request a health education program or consultation meeting, please complete this quick online form.

The University Health Center strives to make its programs and services as accessible and inclusive as possible. Please let a staff member know if assistance is needed or the University Health Center is difficult to access for any reason.

Safer Sex Centers

A wide variety of safer sex supplies and educational information is available for free at the Safer Sex Centers, which are located in The Well, Urgent Care, General Medicine and Women's Health areas of the University Health Center.  

To request large quantities of condoms and other safer sex supplies for residence hall programs and class presentations, please complete this quick online form.

UHC co-sponsorship of Wellness Passport events

If you are interested in having the University Health Center co-sponsor a Wellness Passport event, please make sure your event meets the following criteria:

  • Events are educational (concerts, 5K races, and other events without an educational component are not eligible).
  • If a film is shown, there needs to be time included for discussion.
  • Your organization is responsible for securing space, marketing, and running the event.

If your event meets the criteria, please complete this online form at least two weeks prior to your event to request co-sponsorship.

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