Geographic Science Faculty
Mace Bentley

Mace Bentley, Ph.D.

Professor, GS; Fulbright Scholar; Program Coordinator, GS

Tom Benzing

Thomas R. Benzing, Ph.D.

Professor, ISAT, GS; Advisor, Madison Flyfishers

Dudley Bonsal

Dudley Bonsal, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, GS

Zack Bortolot

Zachary J. Bortolot, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, GS; Student Affairs Coordinator, GS

Jennifer Coffman

Jennifer Coffman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, ISAT, GS; Associate Executive Director, International Programs

Michael Deaton

Michael Deaton, Ph.D.

Professor, GS, ISAT

Amy Goodall

Amy Richert Goodall, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, GS

Mary Tacy

Mary B. Kimsey, Ph.D.

Professor, GS Coordinator; Minor in Humanitarian Affairs International Partnership for La Gonave

Bob Kolvoord

Bob Kolvoord, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Integrated Science and Engineering (CISE); Professor, ISAT, GS, IA

David McGraw

David K. McGraw, J.D.

Professor, ISAT, IA; Assistant Department Head, ISAT

Carole Nash

Carole Nash, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, GS, ISAT; Director, Shenandoah National Park Environmental Archaeology Program

Maria Papadakis

Maria Papadakis, Ph.D.

Professor, GS, ISAT; Program Director, Malta Masters Program

Kristen Sowden

Kristin Sowden

Academic Advisor, GS, IA

Wayne Teel

Wayne S. Teel, Ph.D.

Professor, GS, ISAT

Louise Temple

Louise Temple, Ph.D.

Professor, ISAT

Case Watkins

Case Watkins, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, GS

Henry Way

Henry Way, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, CISE; Associate Professor, GS

Xuebin Wei

Xuebin Wei, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, GS and IA

Geographic Science Adjunct Faculty
Christy Bradburn

Christy Bradburn

Adjunct Faculty, GS

Fred Garst

Fred Garst

Adjunct Faculty, GS

Manita Khemthong

Manita Khemthong

Adjunct Faculty, ISAT and GS

Paul Rittenhouse

Paul Rittenhouse

Adjunct Faculty, GS; Geospatial Projects Coordinator and Instructor

Bobby Whitescarver

Robert Whitescarver

Adjunct Faculty, ISAT and GS

Naomi Wu

Naomi Wu

Adjunct Faculty, GS

Geographic Science Staff

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