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The Global Advisory Council (GAC) provides leadership to advance the mission and purpose of the Center for Global Engagement (CGE). GAC members collaborate with each other and CGE staff to generate innovative ideas, develop new initiatives, support program implementation, and assist with program evaluation. In addition, the GAC generates its own programs and initiatives that further the missions of the CGE and create a sense of community. GAC members assume public roles at select CGE events and in public communications, thus representing the CGE and taking ownership in its successful growth. 


With international divisiveness growing in a time of deeper worldwide interconnectivity, more not less engagement with the global community will lead to solutions. Accordingly, James Madison University has transformed its successful Office of International Programs (OIP) into the Center for Global Engagement (CGE). JMU Associate Provost Dr. Lee Sternberger says of the decision, “At Madison we already do a great job sending our American students abroad and attracting a growing population of international students to JMU.  Yet, all one has to do is read the increasingly alarming news to understand that we have an urgent responsibility to intensify our efforts and lead the way in raising global engagement among our students, faculty and, in fact, all of society.”

To meet the expanded goals of the CGE, JMU has established an advisory council to be populated by seasoned and successful international leaders. Jon Fleming — a JMU alumnus and executive at Audible — is a founding member of the Council. Because of Fleming’s international business experience, and 10-year stint as a U.S. Marine deployed abroad, he says, “Global engagement is my passion. Being asked to help my alma mater create a new Center for Global Engagement gives me an opportunity to express that passion. And with the headlines today, I can’t think of more important work.”

The GAC will work with the university leadership on developing ground-breaking programs that elevate and expand the global engagement of its students, faculty, community and society through opportunities at home and abroad. “We’ve got our sights set very high,” says Fleming. “The fact that the university has asked leaders in international business, non-profit and government to help advise the creation of this new center speaks volumes about how serious JMU is about confronting the big problems of the world.” 

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Quarterly meeting (WebEx) - January 23, 10am-12pm. 

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