Submit Your Work

Step 1.

Review the guidelines and elibility requirements.
Be sure you qualify and understand the stipulations before going forward.

Step 2.

Pay the non-refundable submission fee ($15) using JMU’s payment system and your credit card. 
Keep your receipt, and make note of the number. You will need it for Step 3.
The payment portal opens 11/15/17, and the submission deadline is midnight, 3/3/18. 
Pay Furious Flower Poetry Prize submission fee

Step 3.

Prepare your manuscript: 

            • Remove all identifying information.
            • Add a footer with page numbers and your receipt number from your payment (Step 1).
            • Create a PDF with your receipt number as a filename.

Prepare your message, including the following in the body of the email only

            • Your name,
            • phone number, and
            • receipt/transaction number for the submission fee (see Step 1).
Use the button below to submit by March 3, 2018 (remember to attach your manuscript). Failure to follow instructions will result in disqualification. 

Email and attach

Note: if the button above doesn't work for you, email to Thank you!

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