An Integrated Arts Experience for Rising Third to Eighth Graders

We focus on expression, inclusion, and fun! Join us for a week of creativity each summer: Rising third to eighth graders (ages 7 to 13) are invited to participate in Furious Flower’s annual Creativity Camp, formerly known as Children’s Poetry Camp. This day camp (no overnight stay) for both girls and boys starts at 9am and concludes at 2pm each day on the JMU campus. Campers attend age-appropriate workshops on writing, movement, visual art, and rhythm-making.

Every summer, we present a themed camp built around a central idea. (See what’s happening this year on our 2018 Creativity Camp page.) Each of our workshops is taught by a professional who is assisted by three camp counselors, which ensures a 1:4 ratio of adults to children (no more than 15 children per workshop). Children attend three workshops a day, and our goal is to inspire them to discover all the ways they can be creative with words: through writing, dance, music, art, and more. On Friday, the last day of camp, we celebrate with a grand finale performance and art show.

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